Twitter throws a bone: Increased hits and metadata in Twitter Search API 1.1

Twitter has recently frustrated a number of developers and mashup artists moving to tighter restrictions on it’s latest API. Top of the list for many are all Twitter Search API requests need to be authenticated (you can’t just grab and run, a request has to be via a Twitter account), removal of XML/Atom feeds and […]

Start exploring Twitter’s Social Graph today a 4pm GMT from the comfort of your Windows PC/Excel #NodeXL

At 4pm GMT today (see in your own timezone) I’ll be doing a Google Hangout On Air with Marc Smith one of NodeXL’s creators and coordinators. NodeXL is a handy free add-in for MS Excel (Windows) allowing you to generate, explore and analyse network graphs. I started using NodeXL a couple of years ago as […]

#LAK13: Recipes in capturing and analyzing data – Using SNA on Canvas Discussions with NodeXL (for when it’s not a SNAPP)

In this post I’ll cover three main areas: a very quick introduction into techniques/opportunities for analysing threaded networks using SNA; how I retrieved data from the Canvas platform for the #LAK13 discussions; and finally some analysis using the NodeXL add-on for Microsoft Excel (Windows).

Visualizing cMOOC data: Extracting and analysing data from FeedWordPress part 1 #ds106 #NodeXL

Aggregation of content is at the heart of cMOOC design and the RSS resyndication tool FeedWordPress is at the heart of a number of courses including ds106. In this most I explore how data collected by FeedWordPress can be refined and visualised in NodeXL to give an overview of content and using betweenness centrailty identify influencial posts

CFHE12 Week 1 Analysis: Twitter isn’t so massive

As I mentioned in Filtering a Twitter hashtag community for questions and responses I’ve been asked to do some analysis of the Current/Future State of Higher Education (CFHE12) course. Week 1 has mainly been about creating a toolchain that makes it easier to hit a button and get some insight. The focus has mainly been […]

Coursera #compdata week 1: Reflections and playing with reading/subsetting data in R with data from NodeXL

You’ll not find a more mixed blog post: childhood memories; reflections on introductory R coursera course; and reading/subsetting data from NodeXL

First look at analysing threaded Twitter discussions from large archives using NodeXL #moocmooc

This post is a bit messy. I got caught trying out too many ideas at once, but hopefully you’ll still find it useful Sheila recently posted Analytics and #moocmooc in which she collects some thoughts on the role of analytics in courses and how some of the templates I’ve developed can give you an overview […]

New features in NodeXL to detect and analyse Twitter hashtag community ripples

In this post I highlight some of the new features of NodeXL’s Twitter Search tools that make it a useful tool for community/resource detection and analysis

Using Google Spreadsheets to extract Google+ friend/follower information for analysis in NodeXL, Gephi

I keep getting this nagging voice in my head to do something with Google+ and Google Spreadsheets. I’ve resisted until now as I don’t think there is enough of an official API there to satisfy my current interest in social network analysis. This hasn’t stopped other people from getting off the beaten track and developing […]

NodeGL: An online interactive viewer for NodeXL graphs uploaded to Google Spreadsheet

Recently Tony (Hirst) tipped me off about a new viewer for Gephi graphs. Developed by Raphaël Velt it uses JavaScript to parse Gephi .gefx files and output the result on a HTML5 canvas. The code for the viewer is on github available under a MIT license if you want to download and remash, I’ve also […]

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