Start exploring Twitter’s Social Graph today a 4pm GMT from the comfort of your Windows PC/Excel #NodeXL

At 4pm GMT today (see in your own timezone) I’ll be doing a Google Hangout On Air with Marc Smith one of NodeXL’s creators and coordinators. NodeXL is a handy free add-in for MS Excel (Windows) allowing you to generate, explore and analyse network graphs. I started using NodeXL a couple of years ago as I found it was an easy way to extract a social graph (friend/follower relationships) from Twitter. In the session we’ll go through extracting a social graph from a Twitter hashtag and analysing the results.
You can view/participate in a number of ways. I’ll embed the livestream in this post, or you can see/join the hangout when it appears in my Google+ timeline. You can ask question via Twitter or Google+ using the combined hashtags #lak13 and #nodexl  e.g. ‘What the best place to find out more about NodeXL? #lak13 #nodexl’ (this is a LAK13 fringe event)


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