Automate Google Drive test data creation with Google Apps Script

This post describes a Google Apps Script function to create a dummy folder structure in Google Drive, including nested folders and files (Documents, Sheets, Slides).

It highlights some useful features beginners might find useful such as recursion, randomness, and the use of Google Apps Script services for Drive interactions.

The post also discusses specific challenges encountered, like using Drive.Files.create for file creation and ensuring compatibility with Shared Drives.

GenAI for Google Workspace: Exploring Gemini API Function Calling with Google Apps Script — Part 3

Google latest generative AI solution, Gemini, includes the capability to declare functions that the LLM can use in it’s response. The response includes the name of the function and the parameters the script needs to run the function.

The function isn’t executed by the LLM, but run with your code, which creates really interesting opportunities for Google Apps Script solutions. In particular, given user identity and authorisation is an integral part of Apps Script and how it integrates with other Google services it means solutions like personalised mail merges can be created in a couple of lines of code.

GenAI for Google Workspace: Exploring the PaLM 2 API and LLM capabilities in Google Sheets with Google Apps Script — Part 2

This is the second part in my series exploring the GenAI capabilities of the PaLM 2 API in Google Sheets. In the first part you can read how to set up Google MakerSuite to use Large Language Models (LLMs) with Google Apps Script. In this post I’ll show you how the GenerativeLanguageApp helper class introduced in […]

The democratisation of app development with Duet AI for AppSheet

Duet AI is Google’s ever-expanding portfolio of AI-powered solutions for both end users and app creators. These solutions are designed to help users be more productive, creative, and informed. A key aspect of Duet AI is being able to use natural language to describe a use case or ask questions to generate solutions. As part […]

Leading Virtual Teams with Dr Maren Deepwell Guest Episode

I was recently delighted to to receive an invite from Maren Deepwell to appear on the ‘Leading Virtual Teams’ podcast. Not only was it great to have a chance to revisit some old conversations we’ve had around this topic, but also wonderful to drop back in to conversational blogging.

In our conversation, Maren and I discussed the challenges and opportunities of hybrid working. One of the key challenges we discussed is how to replicate some of the benefits of being co-located when employees are hundreds of miles apart. We also discussed the importance of leadership in creating and sustaining employee engagement in online spaces. We also looked ahead to the future of hybrid working and the potential for new technologies to shape how we work.

GenAI for Google Workspace: Exploring the PaLM 2 API and LLM capabilities in Google Sheets with Google Apps Script — Part 1

In this post I share GenerativeLanguageApp, a Google Apps Script helper class which makes it easy to quickly copy MakerSuite code examples to run them in Google Apps Script. This is a great way to start experimenting with LLMs and seeing how they can be used in Google Workspace.

In the next part of this series, I’ll explore some of the capabilities of when using the PaLM 2 API with data from Google Sheets. Stay tuned!

Two ways to remove duplicate rows from Google Sheets using Google Apps Script

For many years users had to find a variety of workarounds if they wanted to remove duplicate rows from Google Sheets. This all changed in 2019 when Google announced new features, which included removing duplicates from Google Sheets. Recently I got tagged in a conversation with Andrea Guerri who shared some ‘remove duplicate’ example scripts. This sent me down a bit of a rabbit hole looking at various ‘remove duplicate’ Apps Script solutions and I’ll share two of my favourites.

[Presentation] Coding in no-code: Extending AppSheet functionality… with code. + reflections from Google I/O Extended Edinburgh 2023

The Google Developer Groups’ (GDGs) are a great opportunity to meet people interested in Google’s technologies in your local community. If you haven’t come across these groups before they are volunteer driven and a great way to learn, grow, and connect with other developers interested in Google technologies. As part of Google I/O Extended I […]

Introducing AppSheetApp: A Google Apps Script library/helper class for the AppSheet API

In this post the worlds of AppSheet and Apps Script collide, the resulting fusion is a library which makes it easier to integrate external data and events into your AppSheet app. This solution hopefully makes it a lot easier for developers and low coders to do more with AppSheet creating the possibility to use one (or a couple) of lines of code to interact with your app and not worry which data source your app is using. This post has more details of how you can get started and an example of the impact its already making with an alternative Grab n Go Chromebook loaner solution I’ve been part of at CTS.

Google Apps Script Patterns: Keeping a gam generated users report up-to-date with Google Apps Script

In Google Workspace gam is probably the ‘go to’ tool command line tool which allows administrators to easily manage domain and user settings. Recently I was asked about how you can keep gam generated reports up-to-date using Google Apps Script. It’s worth remember that gam uses public Google Workspace APIs when it performs actions and reports. In this post I show you a pattern for building script to keep gam reports fresh.

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