Quick article ratings using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

Interested in a way to capture quick article user ratings in your Google Analytics data? Well you are in the right place. In this post I’ll show how I was able to send user article (star) ratings to Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager.

Google Analytics and Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script Patterns: Google Analytics in Google Add-ons and Apps Script projects

In this post I’ll show you some patterns you can use for using Google Analytics client side in HTMLService and server side with any Google Apps Script code you are running backend. As part of this I include GATrack, a Google Analytics tracking helper class for Google Apps Script

Using OpenCV, Raspberry Pi and Google Analytics to measure audience levels via face detection

How to setup a Raspberry Pi and OpenCV to count how many faces there are in the audience sending counts to Google Analytics for analysis.

Talking about Internet of Things and Google Analytics at IOT//EDI 30 March @ 6.30pmBST – watch remotely

Update: Slides for this talk are available from bit.ly/IOT-EDI-GA On 30 March @6.30pm BST I’m delighted to be speaking at the  Internet of Things Scotland Meetup in Edinburgh about Google Analytics and IoT. I’m just one of several speakers talking at the event and you can find out more on the IOT//EDI Meetup page. If […]

#IWMW16: The Google Analytics of Things (recording and slides)

I recently got to try out a new talk  at IWMW16 in Liverpool on ‘The Google Analytics of Things’: The majority of websites are using Google Analytics for tracking and reporting (W3Techs report 82.9% of tracked sites are using Google Analytics). Since launching Google Analytics in November 2005 the Internet has radically changed moving away […]

#IWMW16 #Techtalk: The Google Analytics of Things (livestreamed if you are interested… ;)

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to trying out a new talk at IWMW16 in Liverpool on ‘The Google Analytics of Things’. Tune in to the live stream at 2pm BST tomorrow (22nd June 2016) to watch.

TAGS Tricks: Find your website’s top Twitter influencers by combining TAGS with Google Analytics referral data

The basic concept is that if you are using Google Analytics to track your website usage you can see the volume of traffic from particular sources including Twitter as a referral source. As referral links from Twitter are unique we can identify who originally tweeted the link to your site and measure its impact (number of visits, purchase, etc.).

Pushing Canvas LMS discussion data to Google Analytics (tips on Google Analytics API integration, batch collection and queue time)

Integrating third party APIs asynchronously with Google Analytics and batch sending tracking data whilst preserving the original activity timestamp

Google Analytics for Learning Analytics – Session for RMIT University

A while ago I was approached by staff at RMIT University to give a session on the use of Google Analytics for Learning Analytics. This post contains slides and the recording co-produced with Nico Miceli

Automatically updating a Google Sheet with data from Google Analytics for regular reporting

There are regular reporting features built in to Google Analytics but what if you want to do customised reporting? One answer is Google Apps Script and this post walks you through access Google Analytics data in one line of code and setting up automated collection.

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