Talking about Internet of Things and Google Analytics at IOT//EDI 30 March @ 6.30pmBST – watch remotely

Update: Slides for this talk are available from
On 30 March @6.30pm BST I’m delighted to be speaking at the  Internet of Things Scotland Meetup in Edinburgh about Google Analytics and IoT. I’m just one of several speakers talking at the event and you can find out more on the IOT//EDI Meetup page. If you are interested in any of these talks they are also being livestreamed by Product Forge and you can watch via YouTube or bookmark this page and watch the embed below:

 Google Analytics continues to evolve and this presentation will offer hacks, insights, and inspiration. The talk will explore how Google Analytics can be used as part of the IoT using devices such as Raspberry Pis for recording and analysing everything from sensor data to physical switches. We’ll also look at bridging offline and asynchronous tracking sending measurement data in batches when connectivity is reestablished as well as pushing data from third party APIs into Google Analytics using free tools.