LMS/VLE vendor challenge: Integrate Google Analytics Management API for scalable Learning Analytics

Highlighting how the Google Analytics Management API could be used by LMS/VLE vendors and platforms to manage the creation of course specific Google Analytics filtered views proving a Learning Analytics course and programme level actionable insight.

#GEUG14 Presentation: Google {Learning} Analytics

Presentation given at University of York Google Apps for Education European User Group meeting (GEUG14) exploring how Google Analytics can be used for Learning Analytics

Tracking Google Sheet views with Google Analytics using GA Beacon (and a Google Apps Script Measurement Protocol snippet)

There was a time when you could enable Google Analytics tracking in Google Drive. that option is no longer available but here is how you can still track Google Sheet views in Google Analytics

Exploring Google Analytics event tracking to validate MCQs with options for advanced cohort analysis

An exploration of Google Analytics as a way for collecting and analysing responses to multiple choice questions. This post highlight the new advanced segmentation within Google Analytics and addresses how data can distributed and analysed in separate tools

Using Google Spreadsheets as a Google Analytics Data Bridge

Access control to Google Analytics data is very coarse. Via the web interface you can have full access or none at all. Given the growing interest in data driven decision making at all levels of the institution I thought it would be beneficial to demonstrate how Google Spreadsheets and Google Apps Script could be used to selectively distribute Google Analytics data. This solution was developed for my session at the Institutional Web Managers Workshop 2013 (IWMW13) which I talk about in more detail at the end of this post.

Guest Post for Big Data Week #bdw13: Getting Creative with Big Data and Google Apps

I was recently asked to write a guest post for Big Data Week on using Google Apps as an interface for Big Data. For the post I decided to revisit an old recipe which uses Google Sheets (Spreadsheets) and Google Apps Script to interface the Twitter and Google Analytics API

88% of Universities UK members use Google Analytics: How I calculated the answer in under 10 minutes

Writing another blog post today which included reference to Google Analytics I pondered ‘how many institutions are using google analytics? The initial response wasn’t promising but 10 minutes later I had calculated it myself

Google Analytics rolling out social network activity streams: Paradata heaven?

Today in Capturing The Value Of Social Media Using Google Analytics Google announced some new features that will be appearing in Google Analytics. The post is mainly focused around ‘social value’ of defining and monitoring goals for getting people coming to your site from social networks to do something on your site (click a button, […]

Using Google Spreadsheets to combine Twitter and Google Analytics data to find your top content distributors

When you share a link on Twitter there are a number of services, like bit.ly, which allow you to track the impact of the url in terms of the number of clicks it attracts from other users. At the same time there are a number of ways to monitor people sharing links to your site, […]

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