#IWMW16 #Techtalk: The Google Analytics of Things (livestreamed if you are interested… ;)

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to trying out a new talk at IWMW16 in Liverpool on ‘The Google Analytics of Things’. The abstract I submitted was:

The majority of websites are using Google Analytics for tracking and reporting (W3Techs report 82.9% of tracked sites are using Google Analytics). Since launching Google Analytics in November 2005 the Internet has radically changed moving away from static content to fully interactive web applications. Google have addressed this with the integration of event tracking and other collection techniques, including deployment within mobile apps. As Google Analytics continues to evolve there are a number of features and use cases you might not be aware of. This presentation is designed to highlight some of the emerging Google Analytics hacks which will hopefully inspire you to look at your analytics problems and opportunities in new ways. For example, we look at how Google Analytics can be used as part of the Internet of Things, using low cost computing like Raspberry Pis for recording and analysing everything from sensor data to physical switches. We also look at bridging offline and asynchronous tracking sending measurement data in batches when connectivity is re-established as well as pushing data from third party APIs into Google Analytics using free tools.

If this is something that interests you you should be able to tune in to the live stream at 2pm BST tomorrow (22nd June 2016) from http://iwmw.org/live/ (the event hashtag is #iwmw16). I’ll update this post with the slidedeck but in the meantime I tweeted this sneak peek