How to streaming Blackboard Collaborate (or your desktop) to YouTube

Notes on how to stream Blackboard Collaborate (or any other windows desktop application) directly to YouTube as a live event using the Open Broadcaster Software

Searching for both Google+ Communities and posts within them

Not sure if this is a documented feature but you can search within Google+ Communities by adding s/yoursearchterm to the community home address (operators like AND/OR also appear to work).

How to add Feedly to the Chrome RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)

I’m a self-confessed RSS junkie, I ❤ RSS, so ‘How to add Feedly to the Chrome RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)’

Google Spreadsheet: How to compare two strings and highlight the differences

How to compare two strings character by character in Google Spreadsheets using Google Apps Script or built-in Google Sheet formula

How to open a Google Spreadsheet at a specific row for editing

This was the question that came in over the wire this morning. The solution … switch to Google Sheets List view

How the Publicis Groupe ‘Maurice Lévy: more digital than ever for 2013’ YouTube video was made

The 2013 New Year’s greetings, from the French advertising and public relations company Publicis Groupe by their CEO Maurice Lévy is making multiple appearances in my circles v. clever use of youtube – try pausing, fast forwarding, or viewing full screen:… rather meta. — George Siemens (@gsiemens) December 13, 2012 When I saw it […]

[FREE] Receive SMS messages in a Google Spreadsheet for a textwall, voting and more (UK only)

A solution for making a free SMS inbox in a Google Spreadsheet using the IntelliSoftware SMS Gateway and 30 liines of Google Apps Script code. This particular example is used to collect votes for a poster competition but there are many other things you could use it for.

Generating an OPML RSS bundle from a page of links using Google Spreadsheets

A post demonstrating how you can generate a OPML RSS bundle from a webpage containing a list of blog urls

Using Google Reader to create a searchable archive of Twitter mentions

My solution for extracting site activity data from Delicious isn’t going so well (their API is letting me down). Instead I thought I’d share how I use Google Reader to create a searchable archive of Twitter mentions. It’s not particularly a new trick and you’ll find a number of similar how-to’s so this post is […]

Lost in format: html, rss, pdf, email, epub, mobi, Kindle It ~:-s

This morning I’ve managed to confuse myself over which are the best formats and ways to publish this blog. So in this post I review what I already use and show how you can embed ePub, mobi and Kindle links into your blog using the Kindle It service.

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