How to add Feedly to the Chrome RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)

[flickr]21367593[/flickr]I’m a self-confessed RSS junkie, I ❤ RSS, so when topping up my feeds I wanted a quick way to add to Feedly (my current RSS reader of choice). I already use the Chrome RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) which gives me a handy icon in my address bar when a feed is detected.

RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)

Unfortunately though it doesn’t have Feedly as a service …

Manage feeds

Clicking on ‘Manage…’ gives the rather daunting

Edit feed reader dialog

A quick search for a Feedly specific url turned up Add Feedly to Firefox’s Feed Handlers List and I recognised that the browser.contentHandlers.types.#.uri would do the trick. So using the following in the Edit feed reader dialog:

I back to my feed munching ways


  1. Hello Martin,

    Very nice. However I use AOL RSS Reader. Do you what URL should I use for AOL Reader?

    Thanks! :)

      1. hmmm. that seems work but only half way. Looks like the AOL Reader subscription by URL can’t handle an encoded URL. Probably a bug in the AOL Reader. I will notify the support team…….

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