Custom regular reporting from #CiviCRM with Google Sheets and Google Apps Script

At the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) one of the core tools we use for membership management is CiviCRM. In this post I show you how we use Google Apps Script to automate reporting and analysis

Batch changing Google Sheet cell background colours with Google Apps Script

At ALT we use Google Sheets as an easy way to share and collaborate on draft event timetables. Recent examples are the ALT Annual Conference 2014  and the OER15 timetables. One of the reasons for publishing draft timetables using Google Sheets is  we can get a static url for people to download it as PDFs […]

Creating a Twitter Question/Revision Bot using Google Sheets

My old colleague at Cetis, David Sherlock, posted a nice little  ‘Twitter Question/Revision Bot’. This uses a .csv file of questions and multiple choice answers which get randomly tweeted out using a Python script. David designed the project with a Raspberry Pi in mind but also highlights it can be easily run on any Unix […]

TAGSPresenter (alpha) – A Twitter/Google Sheets based presentation concept

Update: Didn’t go well but revised version on this I’ve used successfully is here and slides published here. Later today (2.30pmUTC) I’ll be presenting at #oer15 about Twitter in open education (tune in here). As I wanted to highlight the network effect of Twitter I wanted to engage not just the room, but leave ‘footprints’ […]

Google Sheets: Move a row of data to another sheet based on cell value

There was a question that came up in the Google Apps Script G+ community about moving a row of data to another sheet. In this post I look at how to solve this for Google new Sheets

Tutorial: Interacting With Your Google Drive with Apps Script (including parsing/writing .csv files)

A question came in on the Google Apps Script Google+ Community which in part was asking about parsing .csv files into a Google Sheet. I intially pointed the asker to some dated documentation so for my penance have updated it.

Revisiting issuing Mozilla Open Badges with Google Apps Script and Google Sites: Notes on new options

Back in 2012 I shared some of the exploratory work I did issuing Mozilla Open Badges with using a combination of Google Apps Script and Google Sites. I revisit this idea with new knowledge of the Mozilla Issuer API

Notes on feature request to access Fullscreen API in Google Apps Script

Recently I was trying to get full screen access in Google Drive using Google Apps Script and I couldn’t get it to work resulting in this feature request. In this post I want to share some of my thought processes and highlight why this would be a useful feature.

Dynamically remove Google Form options after they have been selected by someone or reach defined limits

You can imagine the scenario, you’ve got a Google Form perhaps setup as a booking form and a select option for picking timeslots. As the slots fill up you’d like the option to be removed. I was surprised not to find an example of this so here is a rough sketch of some code that might do the job

Allow anyone to add videos to a YouTube playlist from a Google Form using Google Apps Script

A quick example of how you can use Google Apps Script to automatically allow anyone to add YouTube videos to one of your playlists

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