Tutorial: Interacting With Your Google Drive with Apps Script (including parsing/writing .csv files)

A question came in on the Google Apps Script Google+ Community which in part was asking about parsing .csv files into a Google Sheet. I intially pointed the asker to some dated documentation so for my penance have updated it.

Revisiting issuing Mozilla Open Badges with Google Apps Script and Google Sites: Notes on new options

Back in 2012 I shared some of the exploratory work I did issuing Mozilla Open Badges with using a combination of Google Apps Script and Google Sites. I revisit this idea with new knowledge of the Mozilla Issuer API

Notes on feature request to access Fullscreen API in Google Apps Script

Recently I was trying to get full screen access in Google Drive using Google Apps Script and I couldn’t get it to work resulting in this feature request. In this post I want to share some of my thought processes and highlight why this would be a useful feature.

Dynamically remove Google Form options after they have been selected by someone or reach defined limits

You can imagine the scenario, you’ve got a Google Form perhaps setup as a booking form and a select option for picking timeslots. As the slots fill up you’d like the option to be removed. I was surprised not to find an example of this so here is a rough sketch of some code that might do the job

Allow anyone to add videos to a YouTube playlist from a Google Form using Google Apps Script

A quick example of how you can use Google Apps Script to automatically allow anyone to add YouTube videos to one of your playlists

Google Apps Script: The authentic{ated} playground (3 things that make Apps Script rock) #DevFest

I was recently invited to London to talk at the GDG DevFest London. As part of the ‘authenticated playground’ I highlighted 3 core features of Google Apps Script

Converting .csv or Google Sheets into Wikipedia tables

You’ll find lots of blog posts explaining how to do this the other way, converting a table from Wikipedia into a spreadsheet. This post looks at taking a .csv or a spreadsheet and formatting it as a Wikipedia table.

TwtrService Example: EasyTweetSheet (lets you send tweets from Google Sheet)

Very basic Google Sheet template to let you draft tweets which are published to Twitter when you click a link.

TwtrService: A Twitter API client library for Google Apps Script

The TwtrService library for Google Apps Script centrally stores your Twitter access details allowing them to accessed from multiple script projects without the need for re-authentication. This post outline usage of the library.

Need a better Twitter Archiving Google Sheet? TAGS v6.0 is here!

Amazing to think the TAGS (Twitter Archiving Google Sheet) has been going for over 4 years now. Version 6 is a major code rewrite and the most important new feature is a better setup processes. Read this post to find out more.

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