Redux: Google Apps Script: The Authentic{ated} Playground [GDG Berlin]

Whilst recently in Berlin I was invited to GDG Berlin to give a presentation on Google Apps Script. My experience when talking to developer groups is there is usually low awareness of Google Apps Script so the challenge is usually to provide enough information to entice developers into finding out more and using this tool. Last year I did a similar talk for the London #DevFest on Google Apps Script: The authentic{ated} playground. This talk focused on how Apps Script is integrated into the Google ecosystem, for me, one of the big selling points of this product. For GDG Berlin I decided to revisit my original slidedeck thinking I could add some minor tweaks. In the end it turned into a major rewrite in part to reflect changes in Apps Script over the last year. Here is how I initially pitched the session:

With a pre-authenticated cloud-based ecosystem Google Apps Script makes it possible to integrate into other Google services with a couple of lines of code. This turns Google Drive into a rich playground for a wide range of solutions from custom reporting using Google Sheets as a data interface; quick hacks to get the job done; custom interfaces for Docs, Sheets and Forms; to full blown application deployment to web and mobile. In this talk the main features and affordances of Google Apps Script are highlighted, this will be followed by a deep dive into a demonstration into how Google Apps Script makes it easy to combine Google Analytics with other data sources such as Twitter and do many more playful things.

… and the new Google Apps Script: The authentic{ated} playground deck (CC-BY if you want to reuse – see also Google Slides version):