Assessment/Feedback resources

Last week my colleague, Kenji Lamb, and I were up in Inverness providing some support to the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) EDU Team. We were exploring the use/approach to assessment and feedback, sharing what is going on in the sector for the EDU Team to disseminate around UHI. Below are a couple of slide decks I used over the two days.

Having worked on the REAP project a couple of years ago there was a bit of material I recycled from that (as the ripples from this project are still resonating finding there way into publications like Effective Assessment in a Digital Age and workshop/design tools like the JISC funded Viewpoints project) Note to self: must write about Viewpoints once online tool is available 

I also took the opportunity to test drive my idea for a Google Form/Visualization mashup for electronic voting (couldn’t be bothered lugging voting handset up was my excuse ;). Technically it worked reasonable well. One major improvement would be to monitor how many people had voted in real-time.