Open isn’t free: What are the costs (hidden economies)

Updated with ‘the Web’s Hidden Economies’ At OER16 we explored letting some of our presenters present virtually. This raises interesting questions about cost. Whilst virtual participants won’t eat your food or sit in your venue there is still expenditure in resourcing and organising events. OER16 would not be happening if it were not for all […]

OER Evidence Hub: Using WordPress for research data collection and visualization

This is a repost of Using WordPress for research data collection and visualization which first appeared on the OER Research Hub blog on 27th November 2013

Mining and OpenRefine(ing) JISCMail: A look at OER-DISCUSS [Listserv]

This post takes you thorugh the process of extracting data (in this case a listserv JISCMail list) using OpenRefine and processing the data to make it useable in other applications. The focus of this tutorial is the OER-DISCUSS list.

OER File Formats: Tomorrow’s problem?

You’ve created a resource and released it into the wild under a licence that permits reuse/remix. Does the file format you’ve used allow easy editing? Is the format you’ve used going to be around much longer? Should OER file formats be tomorrow’s problem?

JISC OER Rapid Innovation: Finding the technology/standards themes

The JISC OER Rapid Innovation programme is coming to a close and as the 15 projects do their final tiding up it’s time to start thinking about the programme as a whole, emerging trends, lesson learned and help projects disseminate their outputs. One of the discussions we’ve started with Amber Thomas, the programme manager, is how best to go about this. One idea was see if there were any technology or standards themes we could use to illustrate what has been done in these areas. Here are a couple of ways to look at this data.

Jorum has a beta dashboard and API for OER stats and is looking for your feedback

Jorum has a Dashboard Beta (for exposing usage and other stats about OER in Jorum) up for the community to have a play with: we would like to get your feedback! Here are two possible usecases I can think of, what do you think?

JISC OER Rapid Innovation: Technical roundup and possible directions #oerri

As the JISC OER Rapid Innovation projects have either started or will start very soon, mainly for my own benefit, I thought it would be useful to quickly summarise the the technical choices and challenges.

Crowdsourced funding: Open education for the people, by the people

So public money is tight (but doesn’t have to be if you are a believer in Modern Monetary Theory) and in an ever-changing world funding bodies and individuals are looking for new ways to get the cash to the right people. JISC Elevator Recently JISC piloted the JISC Elevator which is a platform for people […]

OER Visualisation Project: Fin [day 40.5]

This is the final official post (a little late than expected) for the OER Visualisation Project. In this post I’ll summaries the work and try and answer the questions originally raised in the project specification. Over the course of the project there have been 17 blog posts, including this one, listed at the end and […]

OER Visualisation Project: The heart and pulse of #ukoer [day 40]

It’s the last day of the OER Visualisation Project and this is my penultimate ‘official’ post. Having spent 40 days unlocking some of the data around the OER Programme there are more things I’d like to do with the data, some loose ends in terms of how-to’s I still want to document and some ideas […]

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