OER Visualisation Project: Beginnings of linking data from PROD to Google Spreadsheet and early fruit [day 8] #ukoer

One of my ambitions from Day 1 of the OER Visualisation project was to start linking PROD data in to Google Spreadsheets. Whilst this was primarily designed to help me with the project after speaking to some of the JISC/JISC CETIS people it sounds like it would help them and others.   Here’s a spreadsheet which […]

OER Visualisation Project: Adding a bit of OAI-PMH collecting activity data in Google Spreadsheets [day 5] #ukoer #ooher

I told you I wasn’t intending on posting every day 😉 Yesterday ended up being quite frustrating with a number of dead-ends. It all started following on from Processing a resource feed to find frequency using Google Spreadsheets where I took Leeds Metropolitan University’s Repository feed from Yahoo Pipes to get activity data into a […]

OER Visualisation Project: Processing a resource feed to find frequency using Google Spreadsheets [day 3] #ukoer #ooher

I’m really not intending on posting each  day … honest (although some people would like that ;), but here’s another quick hack for getting a feed post frequency using Google Spreadsheets. Looking down Phil Barker’s UKOER pilot phase sources list (and getting over the shock of limited full repository feeds <sigh>) I noticed that Leeds […]

OER Visualisation Project: Adding a bit of SPARQL to make a UKOER map [day 2] #ukoer #ooher

I’m not intending on blogging about the OER Visualisation Project but I’ve got a new piece in the jigsaw worth sharing. Below should be an embedded map of JISC/HEA funded OER projects (well half of them anyway. If you visit the Yahoo Pipe which was used to generate this there are 51 projects listed but […]

40 days to let you see the impact of the OER Programme #ukoer [day 1]

One of my favourite subjects at school was Graphic Communication, which in those days was techie drawing with some other stuff. For as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in how data is presented, in fact the very first comment I got on this blog was from Tony Hirst after mentioning his Visual […]

Apple allows eBooks on iTunes U sparking eBook Poker: I see your Shakespeare’s First Folio and raise you 100 interactive eBooks

[flickr]3121569986[/flickr] Apple have announced the ePub (one of the eBook formats) is now available on iTunes U. Users of iTunes have been able to view eBooks in ePub format for some time using the iBook app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, but users of iTunes U have been restricted to distributing text using PDF. […]

Morphic Resonance, Threshold Concepts, e-Portfolios and OERs

[flickr]3680135473[/flickr] Probably the most unlikely blog post title ever, let me expand. On Friday we had our ePortfolio Scotland 2010 conference at Queen Margaret University. The final presentation on the day was by Dr Gordon Joyce entitled ‘JISC Effective Practice with e-Portfolios – Where are we now?’. As well as giving an overview/update of the […]

JorumOpen: A Quick Overview and Competition Details

At JISC RSC Scotland North and East we were recently asked for a quick overview of the JorumOpen repository. The query came from a multiple institutional project who were looking for a means of sharing project resources. There main area of interest were easy of access and licensing/copyright. Below is the information we provided: JorumOpen […]

Open Educational Resources – CETIS Briefing Paper

Previously on NewsFeed we’ve announced the £5.7 million Academy/JISC project which will pilot the opening up of educational resources. Invitation to tender for this funding strand will be announced in December. To get the gray cells ticking over CETIS have published a Open Educational Resources Briefing Paper. The paper includes: Discussion on the conceptual and […]

250 OpenCourseWare (OCW) and Open Educational Resources (OER) sites searched from 1 page

I came across this post by Zaid Ali Alsagoff the other day. Basically Zaid has compiled a list of almost 250 repositories containing free OpenCourseWare and Open Educational Resources. The list is billed as being for higher education including OCWs from MIT and OU’s OpenLearn, but there are plenty of resources which would be suitable […]

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