Google I/O 2010 – Keynote Day 2 Android Demo with Twitter Subtitles

Update 1: This post is a bit techie. If you want to jump straight to the action click here to see the full 45 Google I/O 2010 – Keynote Day 2 Android Demo with  Twitter subtitles Update 2: When I was pushed the twitter timeline through the generator I noticed there were a number of […]

What they were saying: Leaders debate on BBC iPlayer with twitter subtitles from parliamentary candidates

Since February my post on Twitter powered subtitles for BBC iPlayer has remained in my top 5 posts and I’ve been meaning to revisit the iPlayer platform with another twitter subtitle example. The general election ‘Leaders Debates’ seemed like an ideal event to experiment with the format. It became very apparent after the first debate […]

Presentation: Twitter for in-class voting and more for ESTICT SIG

Today I presented some of my work on twitter voting to the Engaging Students Through In-Class Technology (ESTICT) special interest group. This group “is a UK network of education practitioners and learning technologists interested in promoting good practice with classroom technologies that can enhance face-to-face teaching.” I used this slot as an opportunity to try […]

Convert time stamped data to timed-text (XML) subtitle format using Google Spreadsheet Script

[flickr]3796084131[/flickr] My post titles just get better and better. As part of my research into twitter subtitling I’ve focused on integrating with the twitter search and Twapper Keeper archive into the twitter subtitle generator tool, but I’m aware there is a wider world of timed data for subtitlizing. When Tony contacted me on Friday with […]

Searching the backchannel with Twitter subtitles

Pair programming is an agile software development technique in which two programmers work together at one work station. One types in code while the other reviews each line of code as it is typed in. The person typing is called the driver. The person reviewing the code is called the observer (or navigator). The two […]

JISC10 Conference Keynotes with Twitter Subtitles

Last week saw he return of the JISC conference. As with other similar events the organisers explored a number of ways to allow delegates to experience the conference virtually as well in person. The main avenues were video streaming some of the sessions live across the web; the inclusion of a Ning social network (I’m […]

Twitter subtitles on Vimeo using HTML5

One of my frustrations when putting together the Gordon Brown’s Building Britain’s Digital Future announcement with twitter subtitles example was that the video was embedded within a custom flash player which meant I couldn’t overlay subtitles within the player. Since I making the original post Downing Street have since put Gordon Brown’s speech on YouTube […]

Gordon Brown’s Building Britain’s Digital Future announcement with twitter subtitles

I’ve been quietly snaffling twitter timelines using the subtitle generator I created. The latest one was prompted by Brian Kelly’s post on the The “Building Britain’s Digital Future” Announcement. In this post he mentioned that twitter was a buzz with the #bbdf hashtag. Clicking on the image below will take you to a page I […]

JISC RSC ‘mashed’ the BBC iPlayer

“Stimulating and supporting innovation in learning” this is the strap-line for the JISC Regional Support Centres and you can see its influence in all the work we do to support the sector from projects like EduApps, to advice like creating accessible e-book for free and to events like ‘Stepping into the Future’ which is looking […]

Twitter powered subtitles: Creation and playback for SMIL 3.0 SMILText, *.srt and Timed Text (BBC iPlayer)

Since my first post on Twitter powered subtitles for BBC iPlayer Tony Hirst has put together another interesting post presenting a method for curating supplemental content for students using his DeliTV. Tony finishes his post commenting that it would be useful to see how timed text could be used to supplement radio broadcasts with either […]

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