Gordon Brown’s Building Britain’s Digital Future announcement with twitter subtitles

I’ve been quietly snaffling twitter timelines using the subtitle generator I created. The latest one was prompted by Brian Kelly’s post on the The “Building Britain’s Digital Future” Announcement. In this post he mentioned that twitter was a buzz with the #bbdf hashtag.
Clicking on the image below will take you to a page I created from the subtitle generator. Because Number 10 use a commercial company to host some of their content, using a bespoke flash player, I create a page and embed the video and used the Javascript SMIL Browser.

Twitter subtitles for the Digital Future Speech

Update: As well as being ‘Fun, intriguing..‘ Brian Kelly has a nice post on the ‘Issues In Crowd-sourced Twitter Captioning of Videos‘ (which despite the title I read as a positive use of tweets as they are contextualised with an event). Tony (who inspired me to look at this area) and I are both keen to take some of the twitter captioning ideas forward so if any developers or funders want to get involved we’d like to hear from you.

Update: If you want to see how I combined Gordon Brown’s speech and tweets here is the ‘making of’ video

Update: Number 10 have put Gordon Brown’s speech on YouTube which makes embeding subtitles a lot easier. Click here to see the same example but using the YouTube clip


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