Using the Viralheat Sentiment API and a Google Spreadsheet of conference tweets to find out how that keynote went down

Did you tune into into Donald Clark’s “Don’t Lecture Me!” keynote at ALT-C 2010 or were you at Joe Dale’s FOTE10 presentation? These presentations have two things in common, both Donald and Joe posted their reflections of a ‘hostile’ twitter backchannel (see Tweckled at ALT! and Facing the backchannel at FOTE10) and I provided a […]

Embedding .mp3 audio files into Google Sites

I was preparing this for someone else but thought I’d share here. Here’s how to embed a .mp3 audio file in Google Sites. On the page you want to embed audio enter edit mode and move the cursor to where you want the audio player to appear. Then from the Insert menu, at the very […]

My #eas11 world premier: Creating personalised Google Documents from Form submissions (and some other things)

Tomorrow (Friday 26th August) for my eAssessment Scotland 2011 workshop I’ll be doing a world premier extending the form submit sheet split example to let tutors create individual student Documents from submitted data (e.g. taking a sheet like this and at a click of a button produce this document. Update: Still some refinement in the […]

Social media wars: Measuring the battle lines

As previously posted I was at the UKOLN Metrics and Social Web Services: Quantitative Evidence for their Use and Impact event on Monday. Before attending this event I thought I had a reasonably understanding of social media metrics but I left realising there was a lot I didn’t know, but with new ideas to help […]

Introduction to Google Apps Script with: Split my form entries to individual sheets by username

Just as Vincent van Gogh knocked out a few sunflower painting in his time my current muse is Google Apps Script. At the danger of boring you with yet more sunflowers here’s a recording of a webinar session I did with Dave Foord at A6 Training and Patrick Lander from Loughborough College. This session came […]

Google Apps Script: Lite Contacts Directory for Sites or as a Service

A while back I came across a guest post on the Google Apps Developer blog by Steve Webster at Dito which demonstrated an Autocomplete Email Addresses in Apps Script. Not only was this a great demonstration of what you can do with the Apps Script UI but Steve and the guys at Dito had made […]

Ported: Tony Hirst’s Using Protovis to Visualise Twitter Connections to Google Spreadsheet with Embeddable Gadget

Update: The Social Graph API has been deprecated by Google and Protovis is no longer being developed. I’ve revisited this recipe using new tools in Deprecated Bye-bye Protovis Twitter Community Visualizer: Hello D3 Twitter Community Visualizer with EDGESExplorer Gadget RT @psychemedia: How do folk who send you twitter messages connect? < see address bar […]

How it was made: eAssessment Scotland Google Spreadsheet booking form with website and Twitter integration

Even though our RSC is toast after this July we’ve continued our support for the eAssessment Scotland Conference until that time. Our involvement with eAS goes back to the very beginning with 2009’s Strategies across sectors and since then this event has continued to grow becoming the largest UK conference dedicated to e-assessment. For this […]

Open for Education: App, App and Away session introducing Google Apps Script #open4ed

Tomorrow (20th May) is our Open for Education event in Edinburgh. We’ve got a great lineup of keynotes, seminars and workshops including presentations from Zoe Ross, Miles Berry and Frank Rennie. The event is now full but with a fairwind and the technology gods looking down on us we hope to stream all the keynotes […]

Automating your inbox with Google Apps Script

So I realise over the last 6-12 months I’ve been doing a lot of Google Apps Script posts (this is the cloud based programmable stuff). I realise there is a danger you’ll think I’m a fully signed up Google employee, but I’m not (although their jelly beans are very nice), I just see a huge […]

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