Open for Education: App, App and Away session introducing Google Apps Script #open4ed

Tomorrow (20th May) is our Open for Education event in Edinburgh. We’ve got a great lineup of keynotes, seminars and workshops including presentations from Zoe Ross, Miles Berry and Frank Rennie. The event is now full but with a fairwind and the technology gods looking down on us we hope to stream all the keynotes and seminar 1’s from (slides and audio only). To see what is on offer the full programme is here.

Whilst not in the main seminar room I’ll also hopefully be streaming my workshop at 12-1pm from Below is the short description of the session. Feel free to wander by and see what we are up to (my focus will be on the room but either leave questions here or tweet with the tag #open4ed #b3 and I’ll follow up later).       

App, App and Away: Using Google Forms for Self-grading Quizzes and More
Martin Hawksey, JISC Regional Support Centre Scotland North & East

Within the academic community there is growing interest in personalised learning environments at the same time we are seeing more staff create their own personalised tutoring environments. Using free tools, tutors are creating learning environments that are more aligned to their personal, and the students’, needs.

One such tool is the Google Docs suite of documents, spreadsheets, presentations and surveys. In this session participants will learn how Google Forms can be used for self-grading quizzes and get a glimpse of how common tasks can be automated using Google Apps Script*

*having got a better idea of what I need to cover I’ll be including using custom interfaces, assignment submission and some general administration stuff.