Embedding .mp3 audio files into Google Sites

I was preparing this for someone else but thought I’d share here. Here’s how to embed a .mp3 audio file in Google Sites.

On the page you want to embed audio enter edit mode and move the cursor to where you want the audio player to appear. Then from the Insert menu, at the very bottom select More gadgets…

Insert > More gadgets

In the search box enter ‘Google Audio Player’ and click Search.

Select google Audio Player

A couple of options should appear. There isn’t an official player gadget as such but ‘google Audio Player’ works well (it’s just a wrapper by Philippe Chappuis for an audio player Google uses in Google Reader – here’s the xml).

For the .mp3 file you need the location of it online. If you haven’t got an online location for it you can upload the file to the site via the Manage Site menu but you might have problems with upload limits). I usually untick the ‘Include a border around gadget’

Enter the file location

Click OK and save the page and that’s it …

Save the page


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  • Eric

    Hi, I was researching how to add audio for one of my students in my grad program. However, when I followed your steps, there was no google audio player available. Could they have take it down? This is disappointing if so. Any other ideas?

  • Caroline

    Google Audio Player still doesn’t work even with the URL. I’ve been trying to figure this out for days. Any alternatives that you know of for playing audio from a google site?

  • Matt

    Hey I have installed the google audio player and uploaded the mp3 to my site but I am having trouble direction the gadget there.
    TO the people above- Are you sure you are looking for Google sites in the “public” search opposed to the “Featured”? The Featured is the default.

  • Greg M

    As of December 2012, the Google Audio player has been “deprecated” (no longer supported and no longer available.)
    You can get the same result by using the “Embed Music” Google Gadget – available through the Insert > More Gadgets option > Public location —
    And like the Google Audio Player, you can change the name of the gadget in the Sites web page. The “Embed Music” gadget will play any mp3. (However, the sound file needs to have an address on the web — the easiest way to do this is to add the MP3 to the Sites web page as a file, then right click the Download button on the uploaded MP3 file and select “copy link address” – then paste the copied URL into the Embed Music gadget. Edit the pasted url – removing text all the way back to the .mp3 suffix. This is the sound file’s web address.)
    This was working as of 12/11/12!

    • Martin Hawksey

      Thanks for the updated info Greg

  • Chris

    > You can get the same result by using the “Embed Music”
    > Google Gadget – available through the Insert > More
    > Gadgets option > Public location —
    Thanks for that Greg, but neither of the “Embed Music” gadgets I see (from Mori) work here. The first offers a download (!) and the second gives a blank box. See here https://sites.google.com/site/cjjtestsite/Home .

  • Kirk

    Flash players won’t work with iOS devices. Any alternatives?
    Thank you.

    • Martin Hawksey

      Include link to source file to let users download and listen using default player on their device

  • Kirk

    Thank you for the suggestion and the very informative page.
    A download link is a practical idea that I will include on my page as a backup, but if i just tell people to download from a link, why bother even having an embedded player? You know what I mean?
    I guess it’s a naive question, I’ve been looking into this and realizing how hard it is to get a good cross-platform player, but it would be nice if almost everyone who visited my site could use an embedded player. Also, it might save me the trouble of redoing the site when HTML5 becomes de facto standard and/or flash becomes obsolete.

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