Live Twitter data from FOTE #fote11 [Top Tweeters, Sentiment, Hashtag Network Diagram, Conversation Diagram]

Not at FOTE11 today (you can follow the live stream) but was interested in what data I could extract from the #fote11 twitter stream and process as the event unfolds. Most of the data here comes from a mashup of my Google Spreadsheet mashup. (This is perhaps putting Google Spreadsheets to the limit in terms […]

Using the Viralheat Sentiment API and a Google Spreadsheet of conference tweets to find out how that keynote went down

Did you tune into into Donald Clark’s “Don’t Lecture Me!” keynote at ALT-C 2010 or were you at Joe Dale’s FOTE10 presentation? These presentations have two things in common, both Donald and Joe posted their reflections of a ‘hostile’ twitter backchannel (see Tweckled at ALT! and Facing the backchannel at FOTE10) and I provided a […]

Twitter network analysis and visualisation II: NodeXL – Getting started with the @WiredUK friends network

The other tool that I got wind of just after SocialBro was Network Overview, Discovery and Exploration for Excel – NodeXL. As indicated in the title NodeXL is an add-on for Microsoft Excel (Windows version) but the code is free and open source. Here’s the description from the website: For a while I’ve been admiring […]

Twitter network analysis and visualisation I: SocialBro

There is still a free version of SocialBro here. You get more features if you go Premium, but I find the free version still has enough for me Last week a couple of network analysis tools landed in my inbox and after having a quick play I thought they were worth highlighting here. In this […]

And the most engaging post is…

This one Data Scraping Wikipedia with Google Spreadsheets … If you want to know how I arrived at this conclusion it’s mostly the same process as And the most engaging JISC Project is…, but as well as getting social bookmark/share counts I’m also counting the number of post comments (an important part of engagement). Here’s […]

Google Spreadsheets as a lean mean social bookmark/share counting machine

It’s been a whole social metricy couple of weeks. First there was UKOLNEIM where I got a chance to chat to Martin Weller about digital scholar dashboards, and yesterday I flicked through Nicola Osborne’s Listen, Repeat, Learn: How to use Social Media Conversations to Measure and Demonstrate Impact and Improve Engagement session at IWMW11. In […]

Social Media and Metrics: What I’ve got and how I use it

On the 11th July I’ll be at the Metrics and Social Web Services: Quantitative Evidence for their Use and Impact event and I thought it would be useful to just document some of the tools, services and recipes I’ve been using with for my personal accounts (this blog and @mhawksey) and service accounts (our main […]

Learning and Knowledge Analytics (LAK11) Week 1

So we are now into week 2 of the open course in Learning and Knowledge Analytics LAK11. Whilst I’m already doing better at this course than PLESK10 I would still only class my involvement as periphery participation so I’ll be no doubt be revisiting the LAK11 syllabus again at a later date. A couple of […]

Where are you coming from: Search referrer and contextual related post/information

Just before Christmas Brian Kelly wrote a post on Trends For University Web Site Search Engines, which gives an overview of which search engines [Edit: Russell Group*] universities are using on their websites (75% using Google products) . This combined with my interest in Learning Analytics (plug: it’s week one of the open course LAK11 […]

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