Getting YouTube Analytics with Google Apps Script when you get authentication loops

In my previous post I provided a tutorial on using the YouTube Data API with Google Apps Script for situations where you were using branded channels (channels not directly owned by a Google account). In this post I’m going to revisit this topic looking at the YouTube Analytics API.

Making the complex less complicated: An introduction to social network analysis

When the Irish Learning Technology Association’s (ILTA) call for proposals came out earlier in the year around the theme of ‘TEL in an Age of Supercomplexity- Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies‘ I immediately wanted to submit a proposal around making the complex less complicated using network analysis. The seed for this proposal dates from 2012 when […]

[Repost] Where are you?

This post originally appeared in the ocTEL Course Blog on 15th May 2014 – Where are you? There seems to be a natural human instinct to try and understand our location. It perhaps stems from our origins as hunter gatherers where at the end of the day  we need to get back to somewhere safe. Understanding […]

Talking about Internet of Things and Google Analytics at IOT//EDI 30 March @ 6.30pmBST – watch remotely

Update: Slides for this talk are available from On 30 March @6.30pm BST I’m delighted to be speaking at the  Internet of Things Scotland Meetup in Edinburgh about Google Analytics and IoT. I’m just one of several speakers talking at the event and you can find out more on the IOT//EDI Meetup page. If […]

TAGS Tricks: Find your website’s top Twitter influencers by combining TAGS with Google Analytics referral data

The basic concept is that if you are using Google Analytics to track your website usage you can see the volume of traffic from particular sources including Twitter as a referral source. As referral links from Twitter are unique we can identify who originally tweeted the link to your site and measure its impact (number of visits, purchase, etc.).

Google Analytics for Learning Analytics – Session for RMIT University

A while ago I was approached by staff at RMIT University to give a session on the use of Google Analytics for Learning Analytics. This post contains slides and the recording co-produced with Nico Miceli

Custom regular reporting from #CiviCRM with Google Sheets and Google Apps Script

At the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) one of the core tools we use for membership management is CiviCRM. In this post I show you how we use Google Apps Script to automate reporting and analysis

[Presentation] Learning Analytics: Threats and opportunities

Update 10/02/2015: A recording (slides/audio) is available here Today I’ve been invited to ALT’s White Rose Learning Technologists SIG to talk about Learning Analytics and educational mining of Twitter. The Learning Analytics part of this was something I was somewhat reluctant to do as I have recently realised how much I don’t know about this […]

Automatically updating a Google Sheet with data from Google Analytics for regular reporting

There are regular reporting features built in to Google Analytics but what if you want to do customised reporting? One answer is Google Apps Script and this post walks you through access Google Analytics data in one line of code and setting up automated collection.

LMS/VLE vendor challenge: Integrate Google Analytics Management API for scalable Learning Analytics

Highlighting how the Google Analytics Management API could be used by LMS/VLE vendors and platforms to manage the creation of course specific Google Analytics filtered views proving a Learning Analytics course and programme level actionable insight.

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