Redux: Google Apps Script: The Authentic{ated} Playground [GDG Berlin]

Whilst recently in Berlin I was invited to GDG Berlin to give a presentation on Google Apps Script. This talk focused on how Apps Script is integrated into the Google ecosystem, for me, one of the big selling points of this product.

#OEB15 Workshop: Creating personal tutoring environments with Google Apps Script

Last week I was fortunate to attend OEB 2015 ( in Berlin. My contribution to OEB15 was a workshop on ‘Creating personal tutoring environments with Google Apps Script’.

Google Analytics for Learning Analytics – Session for RMIT University

A while ago I was approached by staff at RMIT University to give a session on the use of Google Analytics for Learning Analytics. This post contains slides and the recording co-produced with Nico Miceli

Setting up OAuth2 access with Google Apps Script: Blogger API Example

This post details how you can setup a Google Apps Script project to interact with the Blogger API or other Google Developers Console APIs

Techtalk: #CiviCon London: Automatic data extraction and custom email reports from CiviCRM using Google Apps Script

This post highlights some of the oppourtunities for integrating with CiviCRM from Google Sheets using Google Apps Script

Google Sheets as a Database – Authenticated INSERT with Apps Script using Execution API

Getting data into Google Sheets from external sources has been a long held interest of mine. In this post I highlight how the Google Apps Script authenicated playground has got a lot bigger thanks to the Execution API

Making a Google Apps Script powered Twitterwall with schedule and announcements – Part 1

Part 1 of how you can modify Remy Sharp’s Twitterwall app to run from Google Drive/Apps Script

Is learning technology fit for purpose?

Is learning technology fit for purpose? In my opinion generally yes … but are the education systems they support equally optimized? Today’s education is focused on administration of learning and as such learning technology inevitably has the similar focus.

Tips on emailing inline Google Charts from Sheets using Apps Script

There are various techniques for automatically distributing these using Apps Script and in this post I’m going to highlight one method for emailing inline charts.

Forking #blimage and sharing a bit of #vidage that has influenced my thoughts around education (#blideo)

Missed a trick and as Alex Bellars points out should have called it #blideo @timbuckteeth @mhawksey #blideo, no? — Alex Bellars 🇺🇦 3.5%🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🔥 (@alexbellars) July 29, 2015 David Hopkins recently challenged me to a #blimage and as David explains: if this is the first time you’ve come across #blimage, here’s a brief summary of […]

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