Open call for contributions: TAGS talk at #OER15 – how are you using Twitter to support education

In a couple of weeks I’ll be talking about TAGS at OER15 (14:30-15:00, 15th April). Whilst parallel sessions aren’t going to be streamed I’ve got a couple of ideas for broadcasting my session. If I pull this off I’ll be co-tagging my presentation #oer15 #740. My notes for structuring the session so far is: Networks […]

Google Sheets: Move a row of data to another sheet based on cell value

There was a question that came up in the Google Apps Script G+ community about moving a row of data to another sheet. In this post I look at how to solve this for Google new Sheets

Tutorial: Interacting With Your Google Drive with Apps Script (including parsing/writing .csv files)

A question came in on the Google Apps Script Google+ Community which in part was asking about parsing .csv files into a Google Sheet. I intially pointed the asker to some dated documentation so for my penance have updated it.

Revisiting issuing Mozilla Open Badges with Google Apps Script and Google Sites: Notes on new options

Back in 2012 I shared some of the exploratory work I did issuing Mozilla Open Badges with using a combination of Google Apps Script and Google Sites. I revisit this idea with new knowledge of the Mozilla Issuer API

[Presentation] Learning Analytics: Threats and opportunities

Update 10/02/2015: A recording (slides/audio) is available here Today I’ve been invited to ALT’s White Rose Learning Technologists SIG to talk about Learning Analytics and educational mining of Twitter. The Learning Analytics part of this was something I was somewhat reluctant to do as I have recently realised how much I don’t know about this […]

Brief notes on streaming live events

This post is for my own reference but others may find useful. The information below is the result of drawing on the expertise of Darren Moon (LSE) for some of our ALT live events. ALT has a YouTube channel – for any channel that has more than 100 subscribers* that is ‘good standing’ YouTube gives […]

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