The most comprehensive aggregation and visualisation of #jiscel12 tweets

It’s here folks. The most advanced aggregation and visualisation of tweets for the JISC Innovating e-Learning 2012 online conference taking place next week. Over two years ago I started developing a Google Spreadsheet to archive tweets and since not only have I been evolving the code I’ve been creating tools which use the spreadsheet as a data source. It’s pleasing to see these tools being used for a wide range of projects from citizen journalism,  to a long list of academics, students and community groups, and even TV broadcasters.

I’ve been a little remise in posting some of the latest developments and I’ll have to cover those soon. For now here’s your #jiscel12 Twitter basecamp.  

Overview of features

 #jiscel12 Twitter basecamp

Whilst I probably just looks like another spreadsheet you should explore:

A. The ability to easily filter archive by person

The ability to easily filter archive by person
[Still need to document]

B. The TAGSExplorer conversation overview

TAGSExplorer conversation overview
[TAGSExplorer: Interactively visualising Twitter conversations archived from a Google Spreadsheet]

C. The entire searchable/filterable archive

entire searchable/filterable archive
[Still need to document]

D. The question and answer filter

question and answer filter
[Any Questions? Filtering a Twitter hashtag community for questions and responses]


image[Contains a number of summaries – I find ‘most RTs in last 24hrs’ one of the most useful (how this works also need documenting]

Currently these are automatically updating every hour, but I’ll probably crank up the frequency next week. Your thought on these always gratefully received ;) 


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  • Lou McGill

    fab work Martin will be very interesting to watch over the next two weeks.

    • Martin Hawksey

      I’m glad you like 🙂

  • Su Butcher (@SuButcher)

    Hi Martin,
    This looks great! Particularly like the filtering additions to the archive.
    When will we be able to use version 5.0?

    • Martin Hawksey

      Hi Su – I’ve added the filtered view to TAGSExplorer. Not sure when I’ll release 5.0 yet (still some bugs)

      • Su Butcher (@SuButcher)

        Thanks Martin, will take a look.
        Happy to wait for the new version – like I say to my Linkedin trainees, little and often means always improving!

  • Chris Jobling

    Interestingly, interactive features don’t work on iPad (at least not in Safari). Will explore later on my lap top.

  • Chris Jobling

    It’s also interesting to see the clustering of my tweets around November. I wonder what happens then?

  • Karmi Nguyen

    Dear Martin Hawksey,
    I’m a loyal reader of your blog, and thank you for contributing your knowledge in such an amazing way (at least for me, who really admire your works and your skills). Thanks to you, TAGS and TAGSExplorer become part of my everyday work, and following your Scoop on Google Scripts help me to discover interesting ideas.
    Well, today I’m writing to ask for your help. I want to build a similar tool like TAGSExplorer for my social monitoring application. I know it’s a bit sensitive, and if you accept or not, I can understand and still be your loyal follower.
    Thanks for your time, anyway!
    Such a great pleasure to know you!
    Best Regards,
    Karmi Nguyen.

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