TAGSExplorer now includes filterable/searchable archive

Search Archive feature in TAGSExplorer

At IWMW12 I made a searchable/filterable version of TAGS Spreadsheets. This feature lets you use the Google Visualisation API to filter tweets stored in a Google Spreadsheet (more about TAGS). It has been available via a separate web interface for some time but I’ve never got around to publicizing it. As TAGSExplorer also uses the Google Visualisation API to wrap the same data in a different visualisation tool (predominantly d3.js) it made sense to merge the two. So now in any existing TAGSExplorer archive (like this one for #jiscel12) you have should now also have a button to ‘Search Archive’.

The archive view has some basic text filtering from tweeted text and who tweeted the message as well as a time range filter (dragging the handles indicated). The scattered dots indicate when messages were tweeted. The denser the dots, the more tweets made.

I’ve hastily thrown this together so feedback very welcome.