Integrating twitter voting and feedback into PowerPoint

Regular readers of this blog will know that one of my current interests is using twitter as a live in-class voting tool (TwEVS). Today, via Jane Hart, I was made aware of ‘Free PowerPoint Twitter Tools’ developed by Timo Elliott. Timo’s solution not only integrates voting within a PowerPoint presentation, but he has some other […]

TwEVS – Presentation (using twitter for electronic voting)

Yesterday I presented TwEVS to the e-Learning Alliance FE/HE SIG held at University of St. Andrews. My presentation (including audio) is below: The day included presentations on remote teaching using video conferencing, electronic voting systems and an introduction to twitter, so finishing on TwEVS seemed to round the day off nicely. When I get a […]

Electronic voting and interactive lectures using twitter (TwEVS)

[flickr]3859791831[/flickr] Last week I posted a method for combining twitter and Yahoo Pipes to allow electronic voting (EVS) style interaction within lectures, TwEVS [see Twitter + voting/polling + Yahoo Pipes = TwEVS (The Making Of)]. At the time I was only interested in documenting the development of this ‘mashup’ but felt a follow up post […]

Twitter + voting/polling + Yahoo Pipes = TwEVS (The Making Of)

[flickr]3859791831[/flickr] Recently David Muir of EdCompBlog was looking for a way to use Twitter as a personal response systems (also known as audience response systems, electronic voting systems, clickers …). I’ve previously covered this technology in DIY: A wi-fi student response system, where I propose a solution for creating a voting system which uses wireless […]

Twitter integration for marketing higher education

[flickr]photo:3583234320[/flickr]Recently I’ve been rediscovering twitter, this was largely instigated by the discovery of a nice little application which allows me to monitor tweets from the comfort of my desktop. The application in question is called Twirl. I had previously tried another desktop client called TweetDeck but didn’t find it particularly intuitive and felt it took […]

15-year-old media experts, twitter and intelligent filters

A research note written by a 15-year-old Morgan Stanley intern on the media habits of his generation made it to the front page of the Financial Times this week sparking various headlines including ‘Twitter is not for teens, Morgan Stanley told by 15-year-old expert’ and ‘Teenage media habits: was the whiz-kid correct?’. Apart from various […]

3rd party twitter apps for education – SMS broadcast

Last month I posted about Twitter in Higher Education. This post, while very recent, has already made it to my top 5 read posts. This has spurred me to make some follow up posts. In particular I’ve been looking for 3rd party applications that use twitter which might be useful in an academic setting. My […]

Twitter in higher education

[flickr]photo:2531094926[/flickr] There has been a lot of discussion in the office recently about micro-blogging,twitter in particular, and its place within education. This discussion was started after I reported back to the team about my experiences at the at the CETIS / Eduserv VW2009. While I’ve been following the use of micro-blogging for some time this […]

Twitter Ye! Twitter Ye! Keep your students informed with free SMS text message broadcasts!

Update: Twitter currently sends free text messages to users on Vodafone, Orange, O2 and 3 Update (12/11/13): View the complete list of Twitter’s supported mobile carriers and more about using SMS with Twitter Brian Kelly (UK Web Focus) recently posted about the Use of Twitter to Support IWMW Events. In his post he highlights the […]

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