TwEVS – Presentation (using twitter for electronic voting)

Yesterday I presented TwEVS to the e-Learning Alliance FE/HE SIG held at University of St. Andrews. My presentation (including audio) is below:

The day included presentations on remote teaching using video conferencing, electronic voting systems and an introduction to twitter, so finishing on TwEVS seemed to round the day off nicely.

When I get a chance I would like to post some reflections on the other presentations …


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  • Nicholas Bowskill

    Hi Martin, I think that looks really interesting. I particularly like the potential to extend the discussion beyond the session with the same technology. I created a group learning activity called Student-Generated PDP at Glasgow (now widened to be termed Shared Thinking) and one of the ideas I want to develop with it is to create an online extension of the face to face session where the charts might be used to enable individual and shared conversations online. However it’s done I think it is important not to view the production of the chart as the end stage so your idea clearly points to that potential.

  • Martin Hawksey

    Hi Nick – a number of educators are looking at how discussions can be extended beyond the classroom using low impact technology. A project which I’ve highlighted on our NewsFeed site (here) is Hotseat, being developed by Purdue. They are not looking at an extension of EVS, but instead looking at how multiple communication channels (twitter, facebook, myspace etc) can be simultaneously used for micro-discussion in and out of the classroom. Using multiple channels seems like a good way to remove some of the barriers to engagement, the student using their preferred tool. All this seems to also be a very good fit for the ‘shared thinking’ model.

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