Caching and displaying @rsc_ne_scotland Twitter feed

Update: Hmm, you could just use a service like Feedburner or Yahoo Pipes to handle the caching of the RSS bit. On our JISC RSC Scotland North & East homepage we use a version 1 of the Twitter widget to display tweets (to tweak appearance we’ve actually modified the JS slightly, our local version of twitter.js […]

Trouble at JISCAdvanceUberTwitStream Twitter Feed

To make sure we have a steady flow of tweets on our @rsc_ne_scotland twitter feed for some time we have been pulling news and events from JISC and JISC Service websites, publishing them using the service. has some great features for manipulating RSS feeds like adding item prefix or replacing text, but because […]

Free Online Course in Digital Storytelling

There has been a lot of talk recently with education funding models and the four letter word ‘fees’. An emigrant area is the rise of the massively open online courses (MOOCs).  The origins of MOOCs can be traced to September 2008 when over 1,200 people signed up for  George Siemens and Stephen Downes Connectivism and […]

Bookmarklets: Auto form filling and more

[flickr]4326217872[/flickr] Bookmarklets are small applications which can be saved in your web browser as … well ‘bookmarks’, which then let you use one-click automation of a wide variety of tasks from sending links, manipulating font-size, looking up related information. JISC TechDis even have a collection of web accessibility tools as part of their JISC TechDis […]

New Book: Learning with Online and Mobile Technologies – A Student Survival Guide

Technology has become a necessary and everyday part of studying. This book starts with effective practice in learning, and shows how technology can support that good practice. The authors show you the many ways in which online and mobile technologies can be used for study and give you guidance on how best to use them […]

Paper: Identifying Middlewares for Mashup Personal Learning Environments

A paper popped into my RSS feed today which reinforces the idea recently touched upon by Brian Kelly (UK Web Focus) that we are in A World Where No-One Visits Our Web Sites. Below is the abstract and link to the full open access text: Abstract: The common understanding of e-learning has shifted over the […]

21st centrury lecturer – more admin than teaching

21st centrury lecturer – more admin than teaching Originally uploaded by m.hawksey “Dealing with 100-250 emails a week, spending over half your time on administration, coping with rising seminar and lecture sizes, but spending less time with students.” UCU 2008 These are the findings of a recent UCU survey of 321 higher education lecturers. The […]

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