Bookmarklets: Auto form filling and more

Bookmarklets are small applications which can be saved in your web browser as … well ‘bookmarks’, which then let you use one-click automation of a wide variety of tasks from sending links, manipulating font-size, looking up related information. JISC TechDis even have a collection of web accessibility tools as part of their JISC TechDis Toolbar bookmarklet.

drag this link into your browser's bookmark area (in Firefox/Chrome), or right-click the link and add it to your favourites (IE)

A good starting point to find out about other bookmarklets is 100 Best Bookmarklets for Writers, Researchers, and Students.
The video below demonstrates how I used Benjamin Keen’s Bookmarklet Generator to create my own YouTube Form Filler covered in the post Using YouTube for audio/video feedback for students.
Bookmarklet GeneratorHere is the link I use in the video to add the Bookmarklet Generator to your browser:
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Do you use bookmarklets? Any favourites you would like to share.