Trouble at JISCAdvanceUberTwitStream Twitter Feed

To make sure we have a steady flow of tweets on our @rsc_ne_scotland twitter feed for some time we have been pulling news and events from JISC and JISC Service websites, publishing them using the service. has some great features for manipulating RSS feeds like adding item prefix or replacing text, but because JISC/JISC Advance Services all have their own way of publishing news and events the options provided by didn’t give the full control we needed so I created a Yahoo Pipe of the JISC Advance Services.

If you look at the source of this pipe at first glance it looks like it just glues a number of feeds together. Delve a bit deeper into for example the JISCTechDis2Tweet node and you’ll see a sub pipe doing some additional manipulation (Another good one to look at is the JISCNetskills2Tweet sub pipe which converts an iCal feed into RSS).

All had been going well with this mashup until the new year when our twitter feed started overdosing on JISC TechDis tweets (Thanks to @paulbrichardson for pointing out). Initially I thought it was something to do with the JISC TechDis sub Yahoo Pipe because I needed to rebuild the timestamp for this particular feed, but this appeared to be ticking along nicely.

Delving into the settings I noticed that I had originally set it to trickle feed updates oldest first. I’m pretty sure this was the cause of the problem. For good measures in the advance settings I also turned on ignore feed timestamps (the feed is date ordered using Yahoo Pipes anyway).

PS if you have problems getting to accept you Yahoo Pipe feed (HTTP 999 Error), just put it through Feedburner