GenAI for Google Workspace: Exploring Gemini API Function Calling with Google Apps Script — Part 3

Google latest generative AI solution, Gemini, includes the capability to declare functions that the LLM can use in it’s response. The response includes the name of the function and the parameters the script needs to run the function.

The function isn’t executed by the LLM, but run with your code, which creates really interesting opportunities for Google Apps Script solutions. In particular, given user identity and authorisation is an integral part of Apps Script and how it integrates with other Google services it means solutions like personalised mail merges can be created in a couple of lines of code.

Virtual Teams: Sharing our approach to leading a virtual team and surviving a pandemic – special podcast episode

So this month we are recording a special podcast episode, a reflective conversation about working from home, leading a virtual team… the ups and the downs… our best tips and tricks and also some of the highlights we have written about together over the past three years.

Thank you Amber (@ambrouk), good luck in the new job

Amber (@ambrouk/at JISC/of UKOER) is leaving JISC today and Lorna has written a lovely post wishing her goodbye. I’ve known amber since my days in JISC RSC Scotland North & East and she has been a fantastic supporter of my work forever ‘pimping my shit’. Amber thank you and good luck in the new job. […]

Why Tesco might be offering free in-store wi-fi: To track you?

Tesco have announced that from today customers in Tesco’s Extra stores will have access to free wifi: From Aberdeen to Bournemouth, customers shopping in any of Tesco’s Extra stores will now have free, unlimited access by signing up with their Clubcard number. Those who do not have a Clubcard are able to use the service […]

I’ve fallen out with Google Reader, we’re on a trail separation (I’m having a fling with Tiny Tiny RSS)

Back in July I started drafting a post about how I use Google Reader as part of my workflow as a RSC e-Learning Advisor. Those days are behind me but I still like to keep up to date with what’s going and highlight stories that I find interesting and others in my network might like too. […]

How to use bookmarklets on an Android tablet

Liam Green-Hughes has come up with a nice little app that lets him use the delicious bookmarklet on his Android tablet. If you use other bookmarkets on your android tablet but don’t want to create an app for it here is how you can do it in the browser: 1. On the page you want to […]

My first Google Gadget to embed a flickr photoset with Galleria navigation

The xml link for this is here  Google Gadgets are really easy all you need to do is wrap some XML around html content. Here’s more info on getting started and there is even an online editor for creating and hosting your own gadgets If you’re interested in developing gadgets for Google Apps, the following guides will help […]

Here’s some posts which have caught my attention this month: Online learning needs a strategy,

Here’s some posts which have caught my attention this month: Online learning needs a strategy, says new report – January 27, 2011 – Haven’t had a chance to read this myself, but right worth sharing Focusing on BigBlueButton – January 24, 2011 – This is a very useful post to get a flavour of who […]

Bookmarklet for who can see your twitter @reply tweet

Previously in Who can see your @reply in twitter I highlighted Tony’s Common Friends or Followers on Twitter script. For this you had to download some code and create a html file to run locally. Having played with the SNAPP bookmarklet which lets you  ”visualize the network of interactions resulting from discussion forum posts and replies” in various VLEs I thought […]

Who can see your @reply in twitter

I’ve been a serious twitter user for over a year now but only learned a fundamental of Twitter’s reply mechanism a couple of weeks ago (how embarrassing). Looking at the behaviour of some of the people I follow it makes me think others don’t know this little fact either. If you were like me you probably assumed that […]

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