How do I ‘like’ your course? The value of Facebook recommendation

For the JISC Winter Fayre I was asked to fill in for a last minute drop out. My only brief was that the title – though not necessarily the content – should be a reworking of that shown in the programme: ‘CREATE, Reach and Engage’. Following recent conversations/presentations with/from Tony Hirst and Pauline Randall, I […]

Your Inbox: Getting More Social

I feel bad for not blogging recently so I’m going to cheat a bit. Today BBC News – Technology had a story about Outlook gets Facebook integration, which talks about the MS Outlook Social Connector. Originally I was just going to ‘tweet’ a link to the story with a related link to something I had […]

9 (+1) alternatives to Ning (suggested by ALT Members and Champ’s List) [Social networking]

The ALT (Association for Learning Technology) ALT-MEMBERS and CHAMP-CURRICULUM JISCMail lists have had a flurry of emails recently discussing alternatives for the social networking platform Ning. If you are a Ning user working out where they go or you are considering using social networks in education for your next academic year here are some solutions […]

Hotseat: Any Mobile Will Do

In another post in this edition of NewsFeed we touch upon the issue of platform dependency when thinking about using mobiles in mainstream education (there are obviously other facts like ownership and control, but I’ll conveniently ignore these for now).  The glue which is potentially removing platform constraints is the Internet. A direction which is […]

School of Everything

There is an ongoing debate about the position of further and higher education institutions in a world of increased openness where access to high quality educational resources and communities of learners. Ultimately these institutions will undoubtedly continue to exist in some form as places which structure and accredit learning, but it is an ever changing […]

Twitter integration for marketing higher education

[flickr]photo:3583234320[/flickr]Recently I’ve been rediscovering twitter, this was largely instigated by the discovery of a nice little application which allows me to monitor tweets from the comfort of my desktop. The application in question is called Twirl. I had previously tried another desktop client called TweetDeck but didn’t find it particularly intuitive and felt it took […]

WallWisher – Free Online Noticeboard

WallWisher is a free online noticeboard service designed to allow easy communication via virtual sticky notes. It’s easy for users can create boards (no registration required) which then can be shared for others to add and edit.  As well as ‘traditional’ text notes users can embed images and even web pages and videos. Noticeboards can […]

Google Lets You Go Social

Google have released a new free service called Friend Connect which allows you to embed social networking tools into existing webpages. The service includes a login feature which as well as recognising Google logins, is also OpenID compliant meaning the service can be used by non-Google account holders without having to create a new profile. […]

Edmodo: Microblogging for teachers and students

If you are interested in micoblogging services like Twitter you may be interested in Edmodo. Edmodo described themselves as: a private microblogging platform that teachers and students can use to send notes, links, files, alerts, assignments, and events to each other. Teachers also have the ability to mark any post from their classes as public […]

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