Making the complex less complicated: An introduction to social network analysis

When the Irish Learning Technology Association’s (ILTA) call for proposals came out earlier in the year around the theme of ‘TEL in an Age of Supercomplexity- Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies‘ I immediately wanted to submit a proposal around making the complex less complicated using network analysis. The seed for this proposal dates from 2012 when […]

Hello SEO: Where worlds collide

Something I’m increasingly become aware of is SEO is not just about having the right metadata on your webpage, in fact arguably this is the least important aspect. The area I’m particularly interested in is the tools/techniques the SEO community use to gain ‘actionable insight’. In this post I highlight how some of my tools have made it into the SEO community and why this area should be on your radar.

Summary of social monitoring tools and recipes I use at JISC CETIS

Tools and recipes I use for monitoring and reporting impact. All of the tools use Google Spreadsheets/Apps Script which is free for anyone to use with a Google account, and all the recipes use free tools (the exception being owning a copy of Excel).

PHP code to bulk collect social share counts from Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Pinterest and Google +1s and return json

A little snippet of code I’m using to get share counts for a url from a number of services in one call. The idea is I pass a url and I get some json back with counts from Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Pinterest and Google +1s (if it’s a bad url or nothing returned from the […]

Experiment with interactive wordcloud of #smwgla Twitter community profile descriptions (making a JSON query on Google Spreadsheet data)

I should say this post contains a lot of technical information, doesn’t give much background and is mainly for my hard-core followers This is a very lose sketch of an experiment I might refine which uses Jason Davies wordcloud script (add-on for d3.js) as a way to filter data hosted in a Google Spreadsheet. I […]

How JISC CETIS dashboard social activity around blog posts using a splash of data science

Behind the scences look at how we (JISC CETIS) can quickly develop dashboards to monitor activty around blog posts (using Google Spreadsheets of course 😉

Google Spreadsheet Template for getting social activity around RSS feeds

Here’s a Google Spreadsheet template I’ve developed from some leftovers which pulls data together from comment feeds, Twitter and Delicious (with social counts for these plus Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+)

RSS Feed Social Share Counting Google Spreadsheet

Sheila MacNeill recently shared Some thoughts on web analytics using our work on analytics in which she mentioned a tool I developed which allows us to quickly get social share and page view counts for out blog, category or project feeds. Here’s the basic version of the template I’ve developed that we use.

Making Google Reader Mobile sing using your Gmail inbox for personal productivity to save bookmarks and tweet links

In this post I introduce a little Google Apps Script producivity tool that lets me send tweets and save bookmarks to Delicious and Diigo from Google Reader Mobile

Google Analytics rolling out social network activity streams: Paradata heaven?

Today in Capturing The Value Of Social Media Using Google Analytics Google announced some new features that will be appearing in Google Analytics. The post is mainly focused around ‘social value’ of defining and monitoring goals for getting people coming to your site from social networks to do something on your site (click a button, […]

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