Introducing a RSS social engagement tracker in Google Apps Script #dev8d

For my session at Dev8D I got delegates building a RSS social engagement tracker similar to PostRank (Slides here) [Note to self: Too much coding for the room. Doh!]. Initially I was going to use my Fast-tracking feedback example for this session but forever wanting to make my life difficult decided late on to come […]

Integrating Google Spreadsheet/Apps Script with R: Enabling social network analysis in TAGS

Increasingly I find myself creating Twitter hashtag archives using my TAGS Google Spreadsheet template as a means to identify who in that community has the most influence and ultimately use this intelligence to target people that might be able to help me disseminate my work. Marc Smith at the Social Media Research Foundation has a […]

Infographic: #fote11 conversations coded with sentiment data from ViralHeat [NodeXL]

[This text originally appeared in Live Twitter data from FOTE #fote11 post but I’m extracting here to provide a separate space for comment (and hit RSS aggregators with something I think is quite interesting] Using a combination of my Using Google Spreadsheets as a data source to analyse extended Twitter conversations in NodeXL (and Gephi) […]

Using Google Spreadsheet/Apps Script and Google Social Graph to get Twitter edges for visualizing in NodeXL and Gephi

One of the things I really liked about the network analysis and visualisation tool NodeXL which I wrote about last week was the built-in tools for grabbing data from Twitter. I said: The advantage of NodeXL, particularly for graphing Twitter communities, is it has built-in features for grabbing the data for you. Not only that […]

Twitter network analysis and visualisation II: NodeXL – Getting started with the @WiredUK friends network

The other tool that I got wind of just after SocialBro was Network Overview, Discovery and Exploration for Excel – NodeXL. As indicated in the title NodeXL is an add-on for Microsoft Excel (Windows version) but the code is free and open source. Here’s the description from the website: For a while I’ve been admiring […]

Twitter network analysis and visualisation I: SocialBro

There is still a free version of SocialBro here. You get more features if you go Premium, but I find the free version still has enough for me Last week a couple of network analysis tools landed in my inbox and after having a quick play I thought they were worth highlighting here. In this […]

Google Spreadsheets as a lean mean social bookmark/share counting machine

It’s been a whole social metricy couple of weeks. First there was UKOLNEIM where I got a chance to chat to Martin Weller about digital scholar dashboards, and yesterday I flicked through Nicola Osborne’s Listen, Repeat, Learn: How to use Social Media Conversations to Measure and Demonstrate Impact and Improve Engagement session at IWMW11. In […]

Social Media and Metrics: What I’ve got and how I use it

On the 11th July I’ll be at the Metrics and Social Web Services: Quantitative Evidence for their Use and Impact event and I thought it would be useful to just document some of the tools, services and recipes I’ve been using with for my personal accounts (this blog and @mhawksey) and service accounts (our main […]

Academic Uses of Social Media

I can’t remember how but (It was via Joss Winn’s shared Google Reader posts – which makes this post somewhat circular) a link to a recent Harvard University seminar on Academic Uses of Social Media: Exploring 21st Century Communications ended up in my in tray via John Naughton’s Memex 1.1 blog. I always find it […]

Getting your message out: Embedding social media buttons in emailed event and press release information

Update: In this post I mention making the custom urls is a bit cumbersome so I’ve made this simple online tool to help (experimental so if it doesn’t work let me know 😉 Previously I’ve highlighted the quantifiable value in embedding social media in the marketing strategies for courses. This focused on the benefits of […]

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