#IWMW16 #Techtalk: The Google Analytics of Things (livestreamed if you are interested… ;)

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to trying out a new talk at IWMW16 in Liverpool on ‘The Google Analytics of Things’. Tune in to the live stream at 2pm BST tomorrow (22nd June 2016) to watch.

Getting Inspired by IWMW (see you at #iwmw16)

This is a repost of a guest post I wrote for the Institutional Web Management Workshop (IWMW) event. Original post is here and thanks to Brian Kelly for edits. The first IWMW I remember was 2008 not that I was there but as I’d just taken up a role as e-Learning Advisor at the Jisc […]

Looking at creativity and culture in computer science to inspire better education

Heavily influenced by Alan Kay and computer science history from the 1960s to 1970s I look at how this could be applied to the challenges and opportunities of education today

Redux: Google Apps Script: The Authentic{ated} Playground [GDG Berlin]

Whilst recently in Berlin I was invited to GDG Berlin to give a presentation on Google Apps Script. This talk focused on how Apps Script is integrated into the Google ecosystem, for me, one of the big selling points of this product.

Techtalk: #CiviCon London: Automatic data extraction and custom email reports from CiviCRM using Google Apps Script

This post highlights some of the oppourtunities for integrating with CiviCRM from Google Sheets using Google Apps Script

#GEUG14 Presentation: Customising Google Apps for Education with Google Apps Script

Presentation given at Google Apps for Education European User Group meeting (GEUG14) exploring the how Google Apps for Education can be customised with Google Apps Script.

[Presentation] Taking on the dogmatic approach to education with a bit of ‘reclaim open digital connectedness’

It seems that the only blog posts I write recently are about presentations … My latest outing is to the Jisc RSC Scotland ‘Open Education’ event which was a joint meeting of SMUG, SCOT-BUG, Learning Technologists’, Scottish e-Assessment and Open Badges Forums. Originally I was billed to talk with my former colleague and ALT Learning […]

[Presentation] NetworkED – What the little birdy tells me: Twitter in education 13th Nov #LSENetEd

On the 13th November at 3pm UK time I’ll be presenting at the LSE NetworkED Seminar Series. The session should be streamed live so you can tune in (Update: a recording is currently available here) . I’ll be talking about ‘Twitter in Education’. No slides yet but I’ll post them here when I’ve done them. My […]

[Presentation] ALT Scotland SIG: ALT’s ocTEL MOOC Experience

Another day, another presentation. Today I’m at ALT Scotland’s SIG highlighting some of the experiences of developing/delivering the ocTEL open course. Slides are embedded below. This is a shorter version of a webinar I gave for ocTEL, a recording of this is here. ALT’s ocTEL MOOC experience: Designing the platform from Martin Hawksey

[Presentation] Dabbling with Data Visualisation

In this presentation I will demonstrate simple techniques for generating data visualisations: using tools (including MS Excel and Google Spreadsheets), drawing packages (including Illustrator and Inkscape) and software libraries (including d3.js and timeline.js). As part of this participants will be introduced to basic visual theories and the concepts of exploratory and explanatory analytics. The presentation will also highlight some of the skills required for discovering and reshaping data sources.

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