Open isn’t free: What are the costs (hidden economies)

Updated with ‘the Web’s Hidden Economies’ At OER16 we explored letting some of our presenters present virtually. This raises interesting questions about cost. Whilst virtual participants won’t eat your food or sit in your venue there is still expenditure in resourcing and organising events. OER16 would not be happening if it were not for all […]

Knowing learning: Some educational neuroscience linkage

At OEB 2015 there was a great plenary presentation from Lia Commissar from the Wellcome Trust on Educational Neuroscience. Today I came across a number of related news and resources in this area that others might find useful

Looking at creativity and culture in computer science to inspire better education

Heavily influenced by Alan Kay and computer science history from the 1960s to 1970s I look at how this could be applied to the challenges and opportunities of education today

Is learning technology fit for purpose?

Is learning technology fit for purpose? In my opinion generally yes … but are the education systems they support equally optimized? Today’s education is focused on administration of learning and as such learning technology inevitably has the similar focus.

Forking #blimage and sharing a bit of #vidage that has influenced my thoughts around education (#blideo)

Missed a trick and as Alex Bellars points out should have called it #blideo @timbuckteeth @mhawksey #blideo, no? — Alex Bellars 🇺🇦 3.5%🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🔥 (@alexbellars) July 29, 2015 David Hopkins recently challenged me to a #blimage and as David explains: if this is the first time you’ve come across #blimage, here’s a brief summary of […]

Drawing squircles in Lau for WatchMaker (using WatchMaker functions)

I recently made a WatchMaker Android Wear watch face based on the ‘squircle’. This post covers the maths behind squircles and getting (x,y) co-ordinates for any given polar angle. Finally I reveal the secrets of functions in WatchMaker Lau script.

Becoming a watch maker

Find out how I got on creating a watch face for Android Wear only using my mobile phone.

Sitrep: Goodbye Cetis, hello ALT and the Open University

In this post I say farewell to Cetis and highlight some projects I’m now working on

How to add Feedly to the Chrome RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)

I’m a self-confessed RSS junkie, I ❤ RSS, so ‘How to add Feedly to the Chrome RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)’

How I didn’t get a job at Google (and why you should be getting graduates onto LinkedIn)

Recently I gleefully exclaimed on Twitter “exciting news” and despite the interest I didn’t feel until now that I could reveal what had happened, Google were looking for a hire … Google were looking to hire me

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