Sitrep: Goodbye Cetis, hello ALT and the Open University

In July I said:

You may have seen from my colleagues Lorna Campbell (In the meantime…) and Sheila MacNeill (Sideways) that the University of Strathclyde office for Cetis is closing at the end of the month. Things are slightly up in the air right now but we are hopefully the ‘Glasgow based supergroup’ will reform soon.

Unfortunately after inconsolable differences, Sheila getting a job at GCU 😉 and my pursuit of a solo career, the reformation of the supergroup is on hold for the foreseeable future. When I started at Cetis I described it as the dream job and that it was largely that, although it got a little nightmarish towards the end. It was particularly a great joy and pleasure to work closely with Sheila, Lorna and Phil (not forgetting Cetis Comms team).

In the meantime I’ve been getting stuck in to other work:

  • Association for Learning Technology (ALT) – this is in part a continuation of the work I did for the ALT-C conference platform (notes here), which was described by Stephen Downes as a ‘masterwork’, amongst other things looking at how ALT can continue to support it’s member community;
  • The Open University (Open Educational Resources Research Hub) – have contracted me to develop a pilot evidence collection and display site. As part of this there is a strong data visualisation aspect which I’m looking forward to;

and finally  

  • ████ █████ (█████) – have contracted me to ███ █████ of their █████ ████ to see if ████ can be used to █████, which I am very █████ about.

There are potentially some other this in the works which I’ll mention when/if I can.


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  • Sheila MacNeill

    Oh no, you’ve set me off crying again . . . has been fab working with you too and hopefully we will again in the future too. I think I have to use a PC at Cally so will finally be able to install and use NodeXL, I feel many questions coming your way:-)
    Looking forward to finding out more about your new adventures via the blog

    • Martin Hawksey

      Your first challenge might be getting it installed 😉 Already looking forward to our future collaborations

  • David Sherlock

    Great working with you Martin, sounds like you have some interesting work lined up. Hope the solo career world tour goes well.

    • Martin Hawksey

      Watch this space … Oxford, Milton Keynes, The World mu-ha-ha

  • dkernohan

    Good luck Martin, and please never disappear from my (supposedly non-existent) PLE!
    I’m intrigued by your self-censorship, but do please proceed in the knowledge that ds106 is 4life!

    • Martin Hawksey

      I’m now under multiple NDAs. You’ll be able to read all about them in my memoirs (unless in prematurely forced to take them to my grave 😉

  • Doug Belshaw

    Great stuff, Martin – all the best with this (especially the last one!) 😉

  • Colin Gray

    I’m sure there are plenty of exciting projects in your future 🙂
    Good luck and I hope you don’t mind me still getting in touch at some point about the OCTEL usage data! Just getting into in now.

  • Lorna M. Campbell

    Such a shame the supergroup had to break up like this. Ah well, at least it wasn’t musical differences :} Looks like I’ll carry on “living the dream” for a bit longer. It’s been great working together, maybe we’ll be able to get the band back together one day for a few gigs. Good luck with the solo career in the meantime!

  • Su Butcher (@SuButcher)

    Congratulations Martin,
    Looking forward to hearing more about what you’re up to. Onward and upward!

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