#ocTEL- an open online course recipe using WordPress

Having recently posted the ingredients card for ocTEL I thought I flesh out some of the details and give ‘mama’s secret recipe’. Like most recipes it’s not perfect and I encourage you to try it yourself and refine where necessary. Also it’s worth remembering that even though the course is in progress the recipe is being continually […]

#ocTEL: Outline of an open course (maximising email push with MailPress)

This post originally appeared on the ocTEL blog on 15th April and was written in collaboration with David Jennings. I’ve reposted it here as it outlines some of the broad ideas we are using with this open course, but in particular I wanted to highlight the use of the WordPress plugin MailPress to distribute course […]

#ocTEL Using Google Spreadsheets for a basic analytic to find your fledgling bloggers

One of the nice things about open courses like ocTEL is whilst having your own blogging space wasn’t a mandatory requirement we were aware that a number of participants had setup one up anyway. Conscious that activities like blogging can be very lonely and also aware that this is often a critical moment in motivating […]

#ocTEL– proudly powered by …

There have been a couple of very interesting WordPress/FeedWordPress recipe cards for open courses from Anne-Marie Scott for #edcmooc and Martin Weller for #h817open. Below is the ingredient list for #octel. Added to the pot is some homegrown veg which gives us some very personal customisation. A lot of this is to tweak the functionality […]

(M)OOC in a Box: Turning WordPress into an Open Course Reader #ocTEL

Google Readers demise is unfortunate but before it disappears I thought it would be useful to raid some of the functionality for an open course reader (using WordPress/FeedWordPress

#LAK13: Recipes in capturing and analyzing data – Using SNA on Canvas Discussions with NodeXL (for when it’s not a SNAPP)

In this post I’ll cover three main areas: a very quick introduction into techniques/opportunities for analysing threaded networks using SNA; how I retrieved data from the Canvas platform for the #LAK13 discussions; and finally some analysis using the NodeXL add-on for Microsoft Excel (Windows).

#LAK13: Recipes in capturing and analyzing data – Canvas Network Discussion Activity Data

For this post I want to start looking at what’s available around the Canvas Network platform which is being used to host Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK13). Ignoring the official API for now I’ve had a quick look at what you can do with the Discussions atom feed.

Academic Activity Streams: A look at Diigo Groups ‘Popular’ resources (and adding social share counts to feeds using Yahoo Pipes)

Some notes on University of Phoenix’s recent ‘academic activity streams’ and some existing examples of ranked lists based on user events and some fumblings around using Yahoo Pipes to add social share counts to feeds.

Registering blog addresses and generating a OPML file (Notes on FeedWordPress and MOOC-In-a-Box)

Last week I got a number of enquiries about using Google Forms. One of these was a question from Martin Weller (OU) who is in the process of setting up H817 which is an Open University open course (MOOC) on Openness in Education. He asked: how do I go from this [Google Form] to an […]

CFHE12 Analysis: Summary of Twitter activity

In this post I want to pull together a couple of ideas around some of the measurable user activity generated as part of CFHE12. This will mainly focus around Twitter with some data from blog posts. I conclude that there are some simple opportunities to incorporate data from twitter into other channels, for example, summary of questions and retweets.

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