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  • Adam

    Hi Martin-
    I continue to be amazed what you can do with Google docs!
    Concerning the by-week tweeting and blogging: is there anything in the contents to give a hint as to the explanation? A quick hypothesis: to begin with people used twitter and to give instant views/reactions, with a significant number of tweets being about the course; more considered blog posts on the state of HE took a bit longer and after a few posts people are starting to have expressed their extended ideas and made their initial “about the course” posts; but twitter is stable from week 3 as baseline discourse.
    Looking at the adjacency matrix made me wonder whether you have tried clustering and re-ordering. I’m used to the way heatmaps work like this in R (although not using SNA-type modularity calcs) but I also found this rather neat visualisation made using D3 – .
    Cheers, Adam

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