Black Wave 2: Blackboard Wave Integration!

Yesterday I showed you how you could embed Google Wave into Blackboard. At the time I tweeted this as “Google Wave embedded into Blackboard WebCT. A world 1st?” (the tweet). Turns out I might have not been the first to do this as George Kroner showcased a Blackboard Wave integration at EDUCAUSE09. His example […]

Black Wave: Embedding Google Wave (etherpad and mindmeister) into Blackboard

There was a lot of talk at ALT-C this year about whether the VLE was dead. My personal view is divided. One one hand I can see the important role VLEs play in quality assurance. They are a controlled environment where the institution can validate learning, storing copies of work and making them available for […]

RSC Google Wave Phase I: Local installation

Like many others out there I’m interested in Google Wave and the opportunities for communication, collaboration and social learning in education. Followers of my twitter feed will also be aware that I’ve been scrabbling around for an invite to the wave preview site (this is hopefully now in hand thanks to colleagues). One of the […]

Google Wave – Opportunities for communication, collaboration and social learning in education

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed a flurry of links to Google Wave in What I’ve starred this week: June 2, 2009. This coincided with the release of a developer preview at the Google I/O Conference on 27th May 2009. This post attempts to outline what Google Wave is and features which might […]

Google Lets You Go Social

Google have released a new free service called Friend Connect which allows you to embed social networking tools into existing webpages. The service includes a login feature which as well as recognising Google logins, is also OpenID compliant meaning the service can be used by non-Google account holders without having to create a new profile. […]

Google Gaudi – Audio Indexing of Video

We’ve seen a huge increase in the amount of audio and video being integrated into e-learning. Sites like TeacherTube make it very easy to upload custom content or reuse existing material created by others. An issue with this type of media is how do you sift through all the junk to find the content you […]

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