Educational Extensions (Robots and Gadgets) for Google Wave

google_wave_logo_final640 I was creating an intermediate guide for staff exploring Google Wave and as part of it I’ve put together a list of Wave extensions which might be of use to educators. This list was taken from the Google Samples Gallery and a unofficial list of robots/gadgets. If you want to try these out to add a robot to a wave add it to your wave contacts (click ‘+’ button bottom right of the contacts panel) then add the robot address [email protected]. Robots can then be added to a wave in the same way to add human contacts. To add gadgets I recommend following The Complete Guide to Google Wave – Wave Gadgets guide


  • watexy[email protected] – Use LaTeX mathematical language in your Waves!
  • WaveAlpha[email protected] – It empowers the user with the ability to query Wolfram Alpha’s Computational Knowledge Search Engine right from a “wavelet” and retrieve the results right into the “blip”.
  • Wikify[email protected] – Replaces specific marked up text with a link to Wikipedia or a description relevant to the marked text.
  • Emaily Robot[email protected] – Robot which can email waves as they are updated
  • Robot – [email protected] – Creates a drop and puts the info into the wave whenever the robot is added as a participant.
  • Rssybot[email protected] – Turn google wave into an RSS reader! Add Rssybot to a thread, then enter the URL to the RSS feed you want watch and press subscribe. When a new post appears on the feed Rssybot will put it into the wave for you! Clicking on the post will expand the feed.
  • Tweety the Twitbot[email protected] – You can access your Twitter account.
  • Aunt Rosie[email protected] – Aunt Rosie will automatically insert a language drop down into your blip when you’ve typed enough for her to recognize your language. Select the language you’d like to translate to and she’ll reply with the translation.
  • Taggy – [email protected] – Recognize #hashtags and add them as tags to the wave.
  • Treeify[email protected] – Treeify is a multi-wave robot which lets you connect waves into tree structures. With it you can build and navigate trees of waves
  • Invity[email protected] – save all current participants of the wave as a named group. When you create a new wave and add Invity, you are able to select a group and Invity automatically adds all members to the wave
  • Graphy[email protected] – Collaborate on flow charts and graphs.
  • Embeddy[email protected] – Generates code to embed a wave in your webpage


If I’ve forgot any you think should be included please use the comments to make suggestions 😉


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  • Eldon Schneider

    Quite a number of google wave extensions you have listed in your post. Appreciate the brief description too. Thanks for sharing.

  • Emma

    Very useful – thanks! Though rssybot doesn’t seem to be working – searching for an RSS reader for wave got me here originally – but the rest sound interesting!

    • Martin Hawksey

      Hi Emma, Robots can be a bit flaky. Part of the problem is they are currently all hosted on Google Apps Engine which quotas their use, so popular robots aren’t always available. This will all change when developers will be able to host their own robots.
      I’ve had a quick look and I can’t see any other Wave RSS readers 🙁

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