The inevitable ‘Death of Google Wave’ post

[flickr]2335998230[/flickr] Having written and presented a fair bit on Google Wave over the last year I couldn’t let the news that Google were pulling the plug pass without comment. In the beginning … It all started with such optimism back in May/June 2009 when I posted Google Wave – Opportunities for communication, collaboration and social […]

Google Wave Update: Latest Developments and New Applications

The post below originally appeared in RSC NewsFeed. I’m reposting to add to my Google Wave collection. It has been noticeable that mentions of Google Wave have dropped off as the year has progressed. Whilst Google’s Buzz has been catching the headlines, the Wave Team are still quietly working away tweaking both the core code […]

JISC Winter Fayre: Voting and Google Wave Presentations

Things have been quite on the blogging front as we dug out the tinsel to celebrate all things JISC at our Winter Fayre. We managed to squeeze almost 30 different keynotes, workshops and sessions into the day, including two by yours truly. I had the honour of presenting a short overview of electronic voting present […]

Educational Extensions (Robots and Gadgets) for Google Wave

I was creating an intermediate guide for staff exploring Google Wave and as part of it I’ve put together a list of Wave extensions which might be of use to educators. This list was taken from the Google Samples Gallery and a unofficial list of robots/gadgets. If you want to try these out to add […]

Google Wave 101 (Presentations from Scottish VLE groups)

In the last couple of weeks I’ve given Google Wave presentations to the Scottish Blackboard User Group (Scot-BUG) and the Scottish Moodle User Group (SMUG). These have been designed to be introductory session Google Wave giving an overview of the technology and how it could be integrated into existing institutional systems like VLEs. This post […]

Moodle Wave: Embedding Google Wave into Moodle

I’ve previously given instructions for Embedding Google Wave into Blackboard, for you Moodlers out there the process is practically identical: In your Wave Preview account add [email protected] Create a new wave with Embeddy as a participant Embeddy will generate two pieces of code for you to copy to notepad (see screenshot-1) Screenshot-1: Output from Embeddy […]

Black Wave 2: Blackboard Wave Integration!

Yesterday I showed you how you could embed Google Wave into Blackboard. At the time I tweeted this as “Google Wave embedded into Blackboard WebCT. A world 1st?” (the tweet). Turns out I might have not been the first to do this as George Kroner showcased a Blackboard Wave integration at EDUCAUSE09. His example […]

Black Wave: Embedding Google Wave (etherpad and mindmeister) into Blackboard

There was a lot of talk at ALT-C this year about whether the VLE was dead. My personal view is divided. One one hand I can see the important role VLEs play in quality assurance. They are a controlled environment where the institution can validate learning, storing copies of work and making them available for […]

RSC Google Wave Phase I: Local installation

Like many others out there I’m interested in Google Wave and the opportunities for communication, collaboration and social learning in education. Followers of my twitter feed will also be aware that I’ve been scrabbling around for an invite to the wave preview site (this is hopefully now in hand thanks to colleagues). One of the […]

Google Wave – Opportunities for communication, collaboration and social learning in education

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed a flurry of links to Google Wave in What I’ve starred this week: June 2, 2009. This coincided with the release of a developer preview at the Google I/O Conference on 27th May 2009. This post attempts to outline what Google Wave is and features which might […]