Black Wave 2: Blackboard Wave Integration!

Yesterday I showed you how you could embed Google Wave into Blackboard. At the time I tweeted this as “Google Wave embedded into Blackboard WebCT. A world 1st?” (the tweet).
Turns out I might have not been the first to do this as George Kroner showcased a Blackboard Wave integration at EDUCAUSE09. His example is streaks ahead of mine as he is synchronising discussions between a Google wave and Blackboard (click on the screenshot below for a side by side comparison).

Blackboard Wave integration of discussion boards
Blackboard Wave integration of discussion boards

If you are luck enough to have a Wave account you can see the wave here. The mirror of the conversation in Blackboard is here.
The VLE lives!


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  • George Kroner

    Hey Martin, thank you for the mention – your work is also very cool stuff! I’d love to learn more & happy to share my experiences, will shoot you a note once I get back to the office. Absolutely phenomenal work! Cheers.

  • Mohammad Qatrawi

    It seems nice work. I would appreciate it too much if you can send me the way that I could integrate Google wave into blackboard. So far I just embed it in blackboard by the means of published script code.

    • Martin Hawksey

      Unfortunately I didn’t develop the code but John Fontaine at Blackboard is: “looking for feedback. Trying to find some adventurous sole who’d Want to use this in an actual class”.
      (If you google him you should be able to find contact details)

  • Nicholas Bowskill

    Just one point here….I think this is akin to putting one VLE inside another. I say this because Wave seems to be like a VLE itself. By this I mean that you have an inbox with what can function as forums. Each Wave can be conceived as a thread within that forum. In each Wave-thread you can add any number of people and it can include any media you like. It can be real-time or asynchronous collaboration and items can be shared, embedded or linked etc etc.
    Maybe Wave can be conceptualised as VLE 2.0 – or 4.0? Should we be always trying to take back into the virtual cave?

  • Martin Hawksey

    Hi Nick – Its an interesting point. There are a number of ‘Wave versus VLE’ and ‘Will Wave replace the VLE’ debates going on right now. Personally I don’t equate Wave with being a VLE but I can see how its collaborative and discursive nature potentially make it a purer learning environment than the Blackboards and Moodles of this world, which is why people are having these very discussions.
    For me Wave has the potential to be something bigger than just a VLE. Already some big names are looking at incorporating wave technology as part of their enterprise systems and as I’ve talked elsewhere about wave as a platform to build social networking sites.
    I do however have this nagging little voice in my head. Will Wave just be another ‘Groundhog Day again‘ 😉

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