Using Google Spreadsheet/Apps Script and Google Social Graph to get Twitter edges for visualizing in NodeXL and Gephi

One of the things I really liked about the network analysis and visualisation tool NodeXL which I wrote about last week was the built-in tools for grabbing data from Twitter. I said: The advantage of NodeXL, particularly for graphing Twitter communities, is it has built-in features for grabbing the data for you. Not only that […]

Some Google webinars exploring Google Apps Script in Education

If your interested in learning more about Google Apps Script in Education Google are doing some webinars as part of their Google Apps for Education series. Here are a copy of the dates/times that were emailed to me (seminar are usually delivered in the afternoon American time so if it’s past your bedtime you might […]

My #eas11 world premier: Creating personalised Google Documents from Form submissions (and some other things)

Tomorrow (Friday 26th August) for my eAssessment Scotland 2011 workshop I’ll be doing a world premier extending the form submit sheet split example to let tutors create individual student Documents from submitted data (e.g. taking a sheet like this and at a click of a button produce this document. Update: Still some refinement in the […]

And the most engaging post is…

This one Data Scraping Wikipedia with Google Spreadsheets … If you want to know how I arrived at this conclusion it’s mostly the same process as And the most engaging JISC Project is…, but as well as getting social bookmark/share counts I’m also counting the number of post comments (an important part of engagement). Here’s […]

And the most engaging JISC Project is…

[flickr]4814995807[/flickr] Recently I posted a Google Spreadsheet of all the live JISC funded project websites from the last 3 years. Not too long before that I also posted Google Spreadsheets as a lean mean social bookmark/share counting machine, which used Google Apps Script to query different social network providers for share/like counts for a specified […]

Open data equals open scrutiny but doesn’t always equal all of the answer

[flickr]64284665[/flickr] Last week I got frustrated at not being able to find some JISC funded project outputs, which was  a little annoying. This led to a small exploration around JISC’s Programme Information Management System (PIMS). The system was originally only available to JISC executive staff but made available to all sometime last year and used […]

Free Google Apps Script solutions for education from

One of the resources I regularly dip into when Apps Scripting is James Ferreira’s When introducing people to Google Apps Script I usually promote James’s work because he offers free consultation to education and non-profits. Today James sent me the following email and with his permission I’m sharing it here: Hello, I’ve been giving […]

Exporting more friends or followers from Twitter to a Google Spreadsheet

Back in March 2011 I published Export Twitter Followers and Friends using a Google Spreadsheet. One of the problems with this solution is if you were trying to import a lot of friends or followers users would get the error message “Exceeded absolute-time timeout in milliseconds”. This is because there is a limitation to the […]

Google Spreadsheets as a lean mean social bookmark/share counting machine

It’s been a whole social metricy couple of weeks. First there was UKOLNEIM where I got a chance to chat to Martin Weller about digital scholar dashboards, and yesterday I flicked through Nicola Osborne’s Listen, Repeat, Learn: How to use Social Media Conversations to Measure and Demonstrate Impact and Improve Engagement session at IWMW11. In […]

Social media wars: Measuring the battle lines

As previously posted I was at the UKOLN Metrics and Social Web Services: Quantitative Evidence for their Use and Impact event on Monday. Before attending this event I thought I had a reasonably understanding of social media metrics but I left realising there was a lot I didn’t know, but with new ideas to help […]

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