Suggest an article for The GAS: Google Apps Script Scoop

The GAS For a while I’ve been curating ‘The GAS’ which is a collection of Google Apps Script examples and news pulled together using I started it mainly because I’m a ‘patterns programmer’, that is I have limited formal coding skills so learn and produce things from other people’s examples. Because others getting started with Apps Script may also benefit learning this way I’m advertising the link here.

I also want to keep adding to this resource and while has some nice article discovery searches I’m aware that I’m missing a lot more. So if you have found or made an Apps Script example you would like to share in The GAS there are a couple of ways you can do this.

  1. If you are already a user you can suggest resources for other scoops you follow
  2. I’ve published this simple form for you to populate a Google Spreadsheet with your suggestions
  3. The same form as a bookmarklet (drag the following link to your bookmark bar to use GAS Scoop then click on when your on a page you want to share)

[if you want to read more about the bookmarklet it included in this post]

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