#LAK13: Recipes in capturing and analyzing data – Google Groups Dashboard using Yahoo Pipes (no code)

As part of LAK13 I’ve highlighted a couple of ways to extract data from Canvas. Prompted by a question by On and my colleague Sheila MacNeill I wanted to show you a way of getting feed data into a spreadsheet without using any code. The solution is to use Yahoo Pipes, but as this post will highlight this isn’t entirely straight forward and you need to be aware of several tricks to get the job done.

Start exploring Twitter’s Social Graph today a 4pm GMT from the comfort of your Windows PC/Excel #NodeXL

At 4pm GMT today (see in your own timezone) I’ll be doing a Google Hangout On Air with Marc Smith one of NodeXL’s creators and coordinators. NodeXL is a handy free add-in for MS Excel (Windows) allowing you to generate, explore and analyse network graphs. I started using NodeXL a couple of years ago as […]

#LAK13: Recipes in capturing and analyzing data – Using SNA on Canvas Discussions with NodeXL (for when it’s not a SNAPP)

In this post I’ll cover three main areas: a very quick introduction into techniques/opportunities for analysing threaded networks using SNA; how I retrieved data from the Canvas platform for the #LAK13 discussions; and finally some analysis using the NodeXL add-on for Microsoft Excel (Windows).

#LAK13: Recipes in capturing and analyzing data – Canvas Network Discussion Activity Data

For this post I want to start looking at what’s available around the Canvas Network platform which is being used to host Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK13). Ignoring the official API for now I’ve had a quick look at what you can do with the Discussions atom feed.

#LAK13: Recipes in capturing and analyzing data – Twitter

I’m enrolled on the Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK13) which is an open online course introducing data and analytics in learning. As part of my personal assignment I thought it would be useful to share some of the data collection and analysis techniques I use for similar courses and take the opportunity to extend some of these. […]