Good news: Got a full-time job at JISC CETIS

Yes I’m going to be your public servant once more as a JISC CETIS Learning Technology Advisor starting on the 13th March. I have the mighty shoes of John Robertson to fill so no pressure ;-s.
When CETIS advertised the post David Kernohan tweeted:

Whilst still at the JISC RSC Scotland North & East figuring at where I wanted to go next I concluded that working for CETIS would be my dream job. As CETIS don’t have a high churn of staff I thought the chances of working there were low so when the opportunity came along I put in my application quicker than you could say ‘a bunch of munchy crunchy carrots’ < that quote is just for John.
My role will be part CETIS core work, part OER Programme Support Officer. Having just completed the OER Visualisation Project I’m sure there will be opportunities to continue parts of this as part of the programme support, but if nothing else I’m already tapped into the heart and pulse of #ukoer.
So remember if you work in the UK Higher and Post-16 Education sectors and need some advice or support in educational technology and standards (particularly OER), then I’m your man … well from next Tuesday.


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  • lilian soon

    Well done, you!! I’m sure you’ll enjoy your work there. Glad to have you back as a ‘public servant’!!

  • Zak Mensah


  • AJ Cann

    Congratulations 🙂

  • PatParslow

    Congratulations indeed 🙂 Well done, that man!

  • Luísa Miguel

    Congratulations Martin – and best wishes in your new job at JISC CETIS. All good to you.

  • Terry McAndrew

    Congratulations. Look forward to discovering more accessibility opportunities for OER through your insights: I’ll find someone to explain them to me 😉

  • David S

    Will be bugging you for R advice and SPARQL queries

  • Sarah Price

    CETIS is lucky to get you. Well done, Martin.

  • Martin Hawksey

    Wow! Really wasn’t expecting that. Many thanks for all the good wishes 😀

  • Deborah Edwards-Onoro

    Wonderful news Martin! Congrats and best wishes on the new job.

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