Integrating Google Spreadsheet/Apps Script with Google Refine to update existing spreadsheets

Working on some OER Visualisation Project work today I found I needed to get some additional information from an external web service for a Google Spreadsheet I was working on. I could have of course just used Google Apps Script, a native feature within Google Spreadsheets, to do a UrlFetch and get the information but […]

OER Visualisation Project: Visualising CaPRéT OER tracking data [day 32] #ukoer

In May 2009 JISC CETIS announced the winners of the OER Technical Mini-Projects. These projects were designed: to explore specific technical issues that have been identified by the community during CETIS events such as #cetisrow and #cetiswmd and which have arisen from the JISC / HEA OER Programmes JISC CETIS OER Technical Mini Projects Call […]

What I’ve starred this month: January 28, 2012

Here's some posts which have caught my attention this month: The Design Studio / Assessment and feedback – in the hands of the student – January 25, 2012 Convert a Bookmarklet to a Chrome Extension with a Few Clicks – January 24, 2012 Does Your Business Need Mobile Apps? Bizness Apps (& More) Give You […]

Integrating Google Spreadsheet/Apps Script with R: Enabling social network analysis in TAGS

Increasingly I find myself creating Twitter hashtag archives using my TAGS Google Spreadsheet template as a means to identify who in that community has the most influence and ultimately use this intelligence to target people that might be able to help me disseminate my work. Marc Smith at the Social Media Research Foundation has a […]

OER Visualisation Project: Timelines, timelines, timelines [day 30] #ukoer

Following on Day 20’s Maps, Maps, Maps, Maps the last couple of days I’ve been playing around with timelines. This was instigated by a CETIS PROD ‘sprint day’ on Friday where Sheila MacNeill, Wilbert Kraan, David Kernohan and I put our thinking caps on, cracked the knuckles and look at what we could do with […]

OER Visualisation Project: How is OER being socially shared – postscript [day 30] #ukoer

A quick postscript to day 24 of the OER Visualisation project where I looked at how individual Jorum UKOER resources were being, or as was the case, not being shared on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook et al. I did a similar analysis on HumBox records and using my method it was a similar […]

Sending free SMS messages to students by mashing up Google Calendar notifications

Finding free ways to send and receive SMS messages is something I’ve covered before (Twitter Ye! Twitter Ye! Keep your students informed with free SMS text message broadcasts! and Free SMS voting using intelliSoftware SMS Gateway service). Browsing the Google Apps Script site I saw there is a new tutorial by Romain Vialard which lets […]

A way to archive and display Twitter hashtag chats

It’s interesting to watch the popularity of Twitter hashtag chat communities (like #uklibchat) grow. It’s also interesting to the number of different ways these chats are recorded from dumping/exporting a Twitter Search into a word or pdf doc to using tools like Storify to capture the highlights. If you organise or are thinking of organising […]

OER Visualisation Project: How is OER being shared – Quick look at Jorum and #ukoer Twitter archive [day 24]

This might be slightly off-topic for the OER Visualisation project, but I followed an idea, did – what I think are – some interesting things with an archive of tweets and thought I would share. This line of thought was triggered by a tweet from Terry McAndrew in which he asked: @mhawksey Have you a […]

Fast-tracking feedback using Google Apps Script [Release 1]

In October last year the Sport Learning Technologists at Loughborough College successfully won funding from the LSIS Leadership in Technology (LIT) grant scheme for the Fast-tracking feedback using Google Scripts project. Here’s an extract from the project summary: This project will effectively combine Google Apps for Education and Google Apps Script in order to create […]

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