Twitter Archiving Google Spreadsheet TAGS v3

Important: Changes to Twitter API Because Twitter are making changes to their API this version of TAGS will stop working in March 2013. TAGSv5.0 is compatible with the new API and you should get it here!  For existing TAGS users: What will happen to my existing TAGS sheets? When Twitter turn off the old API (test […]

OER Visualisation Project: Maps, Maps, Maps, Maps [day 20]

Dear Diary, it is now day 20 of the OER Visualisation Project … One of the suggested outputs of this project was “collections mapped by geographical location of the host institution” and over the last couple of days I’ve experimented with different map outputs using different techniques. Its not the first time I’ve looked at […]

Free (and rebuild) the tweets! Export TwapperKeeper archives using Google Refine

Last month I posted Free the tweets! Export TwapperKeeper archives using Google Spreadsheet, which was a response to the announcement that TwapperKeeper would be removing public access to archives on the 6th January. This solution was limited to archives smaller than 15,000 tweets (although minor tweaking could probably get more). Since then Tony Hirst has […]

OER Visualisation Project: What I know about #UKOER records on Jorum and OER Phase 1 & 2 [day 18]

51 Phase 1&2 projects were lead by 41 different institutions with 122 partners Projects were recorded as using 112 different technologies and 104 standards Jorum contains 9,502 unique records containing ‘ukoer’ of which 8,859 can be reconciled against institution names (including duplicates for records containing more than one subject category there are 9069) ukoer records […]

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